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447728 Graphics1976 used as cover of my new novel



I don't know how to get the message to the photographer, but I'd just like to say thanks for this excellent image. I've used it as the cover for my new novel 'Dead Heat'. The book, a humourous paranormal story, features the Grim Reaper, so searching that term brought up Graphics1976's image. Thanks for taking it.

To see the cover, please use this link:



Simon Gosnold
Posted: 08/03/2013, 08:02:08 AM
Hi Simon. Its great you want to give some feedback to your seller. To message him click on the picture. Go to tools and there you can see you can send him a message. Good luck!!
Posted: 08/03/2013, 11:37:04 AM
Hi Simon, Thanks for posting the link to Graphics1976s image use. I always like to see how buyer's are using the images they purchase here on DT. Congrats to Graphics1976. The search terms were right-on with the concept and really shows their importance. Thanks again!
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Posted: 08/03/2013, 12:38:05 PM
Thanks for posting! Excited for Graphics1976! :)
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Posted: 08/04/2013, 22:03:51 PM