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Does clipart sell around here?
Posted: 08/03/2013, 13:00:59 PM
What do you think clip art is?
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Edited: 08/05/2013, 09:27:27 AM
I don't understand your question. I take clipart to mean individual pieces of art such as a picture of a person, car, etc. that can be combined with other images and design elements to make a composition. Isn't that what clipart is?
Posted: 08/05/2013, 12:07:31 PM
Yes, it sells well around here.
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Posted: 08/06/2013, 08:30:34 AM
I am guessing a fair amount of my portfolio is considered clipart, and if that is the case I can reiterate Therealdarla's comment, yes, it sells well.
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Posted: 08/14/2013, 16:52:43 PM
You only have 58 pictures and over 2 an half thousand sales!? Wow! How did you do it, do you promote your portfolio?
Posted: 08/14/2013, 20:35:58 PM
I just added one more, so I am up to 59.

I don't do any promotion to think of. I just try to give thought to effective keywording. As you can see the vector art itself can be fairly intricate, but the themes for these files are somewhat basic. I try to produce elements that graphic artists can use in their work, but I am not necessarily producing the finished product (if that makes sense). I also try to produce a large number of vector elements for every file so buyers feel like they are getting a good variety in my vector collections.

I am still going to be producing vector art, but I am going to start experimenting with Photoshop developed images. If they sell well, I will make more.
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Posted: 08/19/2013, 13:17:13 PM
That makes a lot of sense. The various elements that make up the set, are they drawn in a single image file, or are they produced separately and somehow uploaded as a set?
Posted: 08/19/2013, 20:12:34 PM
They are all created on one single page in one Adobe Illustrator file.
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Posted: 08/21/2013, 14:37:48 PM
Thanks much for the info
Posted: 08/22/2013, 20:13:28 PM
I do the same as MG, lots of variation that allows the customer to pick what they want. Only got one image on here at the moment.

But all my other files work the same way on other sites.
Posted: 10/03/2013, 16:53:51 PM
Nice clean work Mg! Just started here. New kid on the block.
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Posted: 02/21/2014, 17:06:53 PM