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Portable photo studio problem

Hello everyone!

I have a problem:

Due to a job that I got recently, I am now urgently needing a portable photo studio. After an on-line search I fel deeply in love with the Square Perfect SP500 Platinum Photo Studio that is for sale on many on-line stores. Since I live in Sweden, my first concern was the voltage. In the US voltage is 110V and in Europe 220V. This is a problem that I tried to solve pronto. I took contact with the manufacturer and they told me that their equipement runs on 110V. I can buy a voltage converter and the problem gets solved and it will still keep me satisfied in what matters final price. But my issue here is that I would like to avoid buying an extra device to run my portable studio taht with more extra evices starts to be not so portable...

So, I tried to search for portable studios from european manufacturers and amazingly did not find a single one... Does anybody has a simple solution for this or knows of another portable studio that runs on 220V?

Thanks in advance!

João Figueiredo
Posted: 08/06/2013, 11:43:36 AM
This looks like a laundry basket and a cheap lamp with a fluorescent bulb... Why not buy from your local store the components and use them like they instruct in the product description? It's the same thing... if you need extra diffusion just put another white sheet on top.
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Posted: 08/07/2013, 05:15:56 AM
I guess I could do that. But I am afraid that later it won't look professional (home made) when I go and visit my costumers... I would buy the studio here in a local shop, but the cheapest I found was costing 5 times more...
Posted: 08/14/2013, 01:01:17 AM
Have you checked ebay? those things all come from China whatever "brand name" they put on it in retail... try to compile the set from components or search for light tent set
(- do not search by "brand name" as it is usually made up by retailer, not by the manufacturer...)

All you need is a
1. light tent with backgrounds
2. continuous lights *
3. little stands for lights
4. tripod for your camera (probably you have one already)

* - for continuous lights I would consider LED video lights with adjustable temperature (3200K-5600K) and adjustable intensity - those can be fed from batteries so it is possible to shoot in not-electrified locations as well... plus gives option to match color temperature to ambient light - so you can shoot with dailight ambient, or incandescent ambient... (if needed buy some color gels and you can match other lights as well...)
Not a big budget needed for it and it gives you more than one option, which you have with CFL or Incandescent lightbulbs... I remeber some named Yongnuo, Aputure... Try to get the most poweerfull ones (more lumens is better... and remember light output is not always related to number of leds... choose by lumens!)

Good luck!
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Edited: 08/20/2013, 02:33:45 AM
Janceluch I find your post extremely helpful!! I already paid my item and I am waiting for it, but if something happens on "the way home", I will follow your instructions...

Truly thankful!!
Posted: 08/24/2013, 02:05:11 AM
Thank you, Glad to hear that...
and editing images :)...
Posted: 08/24/2013, 02:52:38 AM