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How long does it usually take for an uploaded file to show as pending? It's been over half an hour since I uploaded 2 pics and they still aren't showing. Is this normal? All the other pictures I uploaded didn't take more than a few minutes to show up in the pending section.
Posted: 08/08/2013, 21:01:20 PM
Check here - Upload History
Posted: 08/08/2013, 21:08:22 PM
Thanks. The pics aren't in the upload history. Does that mean they didn't upload and I should try again?
Posted: 08/08/2013, 21:21:02 PM
Posted: 08/08/2013, 21:24:51 PM
Oh, I didn't mention they aren't in the unfinished files section either.
Posted: 08/08/2013, 21:25:20 PM
Sometimes images just don't make it through the upload process. Make sure that they are jpgs, large enough and rgb. But you already know that since you have accepted images. Every once in awhile the upload doesn't work. Give it another try.
Posted: 08/08/2013, 21:31:25 PM
Thanks so much! It just dawned on me that they were png.
Posted: 08/08/2013, 22:55:24 PM