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Old Post Cards and Copyright??

Hi all,

I have received from a friend of mine some 100 year old post cards. I have taken some SL's of them but want to know if they are stock worthy with regards to copyright.

I realize that the images on them are copyrighted but I want to know about the writing and in particular the stamp and cancellation mark.

I have done a search on DT and found numerous images with post cards with writing and stamps, however these may have been accepted before more stringent rules were applied.

If any one can help me with this I'd be very appreciative. The handwriting is beautiful and the patina of the old card stock is lovely and would make a great background or banner or card.

Take care,

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Posted: 08/17/2013, 12:07:13 PM
What you might find to your benefit is to check the lifetime of the copyright if any.
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Posted: 08/18/2013, 14:02:47 PM
Thanks miracle moments - I just found on the web that copyrights for stamps was not issued until 1976 and finally instituted in 1978 (in the US) so I'm good as these are older than 1977 and considered in the creative commons:-)
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Posted: 08/18/2013, 14:22:23 PM