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Forbes uses Dreamstime photo - with watermark

As a new member of Dreamstime (my first photo was approved just yesterday), I was surprised to see this article, which was posted this morning on Forbes.com:


As you can see, they used a Dreamstime photo, apparently without paying for it, as it still has the watermark and Dreamstime's website address (and no credit to the photographer). Is this a common occurrence?

If, as I suspect, Forbes didn't pay for the photo, I hope DT will do something about it. If a company like Forbes has no problems stealing DT photos, what's to stop anyone else from doing it?
Posted: 1 minute ago
Particularly bad behaviour for a publishing/media company!

Usually the contributor (owner) of the image has to report the misuse to DT who then deal with the matter or the contributor themselves can contact Forbes direct to complain......
Posted: 08/25/2013, 03:22:17 AM
I did a quick search on DT for "businesswoman" and "young happy businesswoman," but got too many results, so I don't know who the author of the photo is. If someone recognizes the work, please let him/her know. It's a nice photo and its owner should get paid for its use.
Posted: 08/25/2013, 09:01:51 AM

This should be the one.
Posted: 08/25/2013, 11:48:47 AM
That's great. Thanks, Vincentho. I passed that info along to DT customer support and they said they would contact the photographer, so that he can fill in an official report of misuse.
Posted: 08/26/2013, 11:12:59 AM
I would like to try to be nice and give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they used that as a place holder comp and accidentally posted the article live and forgot to come back to purchase the actual image.

What bothers me just as much, if not more, is the fact that you hover over the image and it says "download "filename" and when you click on it, it goes to the full size photo that you can right click and save. If that were the actual photo, it would be there for anyone that likes to take it for free.
Posted: 1 minute ago