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Could anyone please help and comments on my portfolio?

Dear friends,

I am not new here at DT but my photography skills are still very new :D
I have 354 images but I think the sales are not good.
(Please do not look at the number of times images are sold Vs. the number of images because I have been here at DT since 2008, that's why 200+ sold.)

So where do I need to improve, such as title, keywords or description or photography skill?

Agree, people images sell well but I do notice there are several portfolios doing very good without single people image. (of course my skill is not comparable with them)

Greatly appreciate your time, comments and critics.
Thank you very much. (for your info, I am just a hobbyist, not pro :) )
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Posted: 08/26/2013, 21:07:46 PM

I am not a better seller than you but here is my little comments.

1-I sorted your portfolio by “Best selling”.

It seems to me that the photos you sold the most have a lot a keyword:

Whereas the poor selling ones have only few keyword:
   Glorious sunset   

This may be a starting point. You can perhaps find the photos you have with few keyword and try to add more.

2-I randomly take one of your picture :
   Giant lions at Shwedagon Pagoda entrance at Yangon   

I would expect a keyword like animal, dog, blue, yellow, big…
Look at my blog: link
Perhaps it can give you an idea.

Apart from that, your shots are well done and you have a good variety. This is good.

You are in DT since 2008 but have you being working hard since then? Do you find a relation between the time you are working on DT and the sells you are doing?

I am sure others more experienced contributor will give you more information. I will be also interesting to read their ideas.
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Edited: 08/27/2013, 10:40:33 AM
No, more keywords are not needed. The important ones are there. If a buyer wants to search for special colors they can do that using the Advanced Search feature so blue and yellow are not needed. And no buyer would search for dogs since these are lions. They would search for this particular location. The description and keywords are excellent on all of your pics. You don't need more keywords, just the best ones. Here's a great keywording blog by an industry professional.

Keywording Mistakes to Avoid

Don't judge sales on sunsets, we all have those pics (including me) and one is pretty much like the other unless there is a more interesting location that is identifiable included with the sunset. There's where great keywording might help.

Your photos compete with many other similar subjects. These days you will have to find objects or locations that others do not shoot to get more buyers and that is getting harder and harder with soooooo many images here and at other places.
Edited: 08/27/2013, 14:13:01 PM
Lots of common, generic snapshots. Nothing unique. Virtually no concepts. You make it easy for your competition to beat you.

Go up into your attic, dig through all the old boxes, and find your imagination. Then let it run loose without a leash.
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Posted: 08/27/2013, 22:19:18 PM
Hi Red, Wisconsinart,

Absolutely agree with you, many similar subjects of common shots as well as lack of uniqueness. I will figure out to improve this, many thanks. To be frank I am a bit to a lot laze to think about it. :D

So I could conclude that title, key-wording and description is (reasonably) alright.

Hi Astormfr,

Thank you for your inputs and yes some of my images have very few key-words (less than necessary) . I will schedule to fix it but not too many as I prefer higher rank. (greedy??) :D
And honestly speaking, I did not work hard on DT because of my day job.

Thank you everyone again, and this is a very fine, fun and knowledgeable environment.
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Posted: 08/28/2013, 08:19:43 AM
Valuable comments
Posted: 08/28/2013, 23:34:21 PM