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Puppy and girl pictures for children's book

Looking for puppy and girl illustrations for an entire book. Should include puppy as a present, puppy sleeping, girl and puppy hugging, puppy hiding with girl in bathroom, puppy and girl on farm, girl kissing puppy, girl dressed as sheppard and puppy as lamb, more... both hugging, puppy confused after being punished, etc... and more. How do I work with an illustrator to make graphics for my project.
Posted: 09/04/2013, 19:46:39 PM
Do these all need to be the same girl and puppy or can they be different in each photo.

I would do a search for those key words and see if there is an image(s) in a portfolio that would work and contact each illustrator for starters. I am not and illustrator, but there are many very good one's here on dreamstime.
70-300mm F/4-5.6 Di USD Lens, and Sony SAL1855 3.5-5.6/18-55 SAM Lens...
Posted: 09/06/2013, 04:11:12 AM
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Please only post images that match the buyers request, thank you.
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Posted: 09/07/2013, 18:00:10 PM