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Portfolio exposure rate

Portfolio exposure rate of 0.61% four weeks ago, is now 0.56%
Does anyone know what could be the reason for this?
Thank you, everybody
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Posted: 09/13/2013, 18:40:04 PM
Portfolio exposure is the % with respect to the biggest portfolio on DT.
Posted: 09/13/2013, 18:44:27 PM
...and so, it just means that your PF grows not so fast as biggest PF on DT.
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Posted: 09/13/2013, 21:32:58 PM
What are they comparing in this? the views? the number of uploads?
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Posted: 09/19/2013, 07:10:18 AM
How do you increase exposure rate?
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Posted: 09/22/2013, 19:03:21 PM

Originally posted by Amlanmathur:
Quoted Message: What are they comparing in this? the views? the number of uploads?

They are looking at your portfolio + DT total database of images = How much % you are making out of that.

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Edited: 09/22/2013, 21:28:32 PM
so its still based on the portfolio size. So my exposure rate can drop if people on an average are uploading more number of shots than what my average upload (and approval) is
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Posted: 09/24/2013, 11:10:18 AM