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New assignment: Meeting new people

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Whether you take up a cooking course, change your job or move to a new town, there will always be plenty of meeting new people throughout your life. Whether you're sociable or shy, outgoing or introverted, great moments and memories come out of first encounters. And out of great moments come great shots so let's meet the new assignment: meeting new people.

First impression really matters so we're looking forward to being impressed by your extraordinary ability to capture the sparks of a coup de foudre, the excitement of a new student meeting class mates, the confident attitude of a new colleague or the circumspect look of a future father in law. Remember the first time you met your wife or your husband? The shy smile or the daring hand grip? Remember your first school day? If you do, then you are on the right track because you'll know that we want to see those unique emotions, the nervousness, the happiness, the eagerness or reluctance we often live when meeting new people. It's not unusual for children to cry when meeting kindergarden little fellows as much as it is usual for adults to smile when being introduced to new people. Smiles, frowns, over shoulder gazes, pouts, hugs, shoulder pats, catch them all on your camera. A stranger's hand wave, joining a casual conversation at a party, asking for direction at a bus stop, waiting in line for concert tickets, showing classmates your card collection, these are all great ways to meet new people and why not, make friends. Remember, meeting new people is generally fun so let's meet and immortalize first encounters. Let's see you in action!

Best first encounters can continue, it's on us: $300 (first place), $200 and $100 (runner ups). The winners will also receive Dreamstime branded t-shirts to wear on any occasion, first meetings included.

Good luck!
Posted: 09/20/2013, 08:22:53 AM
Good look to all participants!
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Posted: 09/20/2013, 12:27:08 PM
Can the photos be editorial photos?
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Posted: 09/20/2013, 12:34:32 PM
I propose that at least once a year to be accepted and editorial photos! What do you think, Tangie?
Edited: 09/20/2013, 13:10:02 PM
The first place is mine. I have a photo with me in my tiny car, driving with 120 Km/h. It was taken 2 seconds before "meeting" a bus full with new people. I was too concentrate posing for my wife and don't see the red light... :))
Edited: 09/21/2013, 12:50:01 PM
This assignment is open only to commercial RF submissions. Whenever we accept editorials as well, we make sure you announce this once the assignment is launched. It's not the case here.

I am sure you'll make a very good impression with RF submissions as well.
Posted: 09/23/2013, 03:43:15 AM
Is the review time for assignments usually shorter than normal RF uploads?
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Posted: 10/01/2013, 08:06:47 AM
The pending line for assignments is separate than the pending line for regular uploads and cannot be determined automatically. It only depends on the number of submissions for the current assignment.
Edited: 10/01/2013, 08:27:06 AM by Admin
Canon 40D
Posted: 10/01/2013, 09:23:30 AM
Please tell me the criteria used when approving the photos for this assignment, I submitted a picture and it was rejected for the reason of “This image has a rather simplistic approach in terms of composition. Although the concept is good, we are looking for more elaborate work. Thank you.” Please tell me what means “more elaborate work”???

Posted: 10/05/2013, 14:01:33 PM
Offtopic. Hello Maria, your link to the website is wrong, please correct in your profile info, you have double http there: http://http//www.andreea-maria
Posted: 10/06/2013, 01:47:52 AM

Originally posted by Mariaphotography10:
Quoted Message: Please tell me what means “more elaborate work”???

Elaborate means that your photo send the message you worked on it, before or/and after you take it and is not a simple snapshot. Use good lighting, models or anything else to make your photo look more pro. Like an example, the one from your portfolio with the corporate manager is an elaborate work. Good luck!
Posted: 10/06/2013, 01:59:00 AM
Thank you Alvera for noticing the mistake in my link to website. I did the correction.

Well actually I did an elaborated work: the same coroporate manager model is shaking hands with a new office colleague (so the message is sent, I also use good lighting, etc) but the picture was rejected and I don't understand why.
This is why I posted here. Now I submitted the same picture to be approved as regular because it was rejected as an assignment. As soon as it will be approved I will give a link with the picture si to see if it is an elaborated work or not.

It is my first participation at an assignment and probably the last.

Posted: 10/06/2013, 07:14:41 AM
In this case maybe you must contact support using the link from the very bottom of this page. You are a beginner and deserve some detailed explanation about that image. Also you can uploaded again with hope it was just a bug. But in the first place please examine your work and judge yourself if the image is good enough to be raised at level 5.
Posted: 10/06/2013, 08:01:19 AM
Today, October 21. Tomorrow assignment closes. My works sent on October 15 and still not reviewed. This means that they will not be included in assignment? Or Oct. 22 last day of unloading and voting starts later?
Posted: 10/21/2013, 12:51:56 PM
I think if they are pending the will still be considered good luck.I have some pending also
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Posted: 10/21/2013, 12:58:32 PM
I will upload mine tomorrow :) Don't worry, all images will be reviewed.
Posted: 10/21/2013, 16:04:30 PM
Don't worry! Be happy!!:)
Posted: 10/21/2013, 22:40:53 PM
Yes! Three of my photos have been approved for assignment .
Thanks you all and good luck!
Posted: 10/22/2013, 12:32:15 PM
Don't let it get you down MariaPhotography10.
I know i've submitted many photos to assignments over the last year and have only had a handful get thru.
There must be tons and tons of photos submitted and choosing which to accept difficult for reviewers. If they took 'em all the voters would likely give up voting just due to time required to go thru them all.
I've read somewhere here before that the theme of assignments might be a hidden clue as to weak areas in the catalog. Could use that as a hint of what photos to capture for regular work.

The real 'win' is in our earnings.
An assignment win, if ever achieved...a bonus.

Just keep submitting, you never know!

PS Dreamstime.
I've been working real hard in my spare time.
I need a bonus!
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Posted: 10/22/2013, 15:02:07 PM
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