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Lots of views, but less downloads!

Hi, everyone, i need a brutal critique of my port. don't tell me sweet things, i need downloads, how do i get them?
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Posted: 09/24/2013, 16:31:20 PM
You have way too many keywords. Many don't apply at all. That dilutes your search results. Only put the best ones in. Read this - Keywording mistakes to avoid
Posted: 09/24/2013, 17:01:08 PM
First of all, you have nice models and it's not unexpected for them to make many views. Also, keywords will bring you "empty" views, too. Try to focus your image to the concept, both with photographic composition and keywording. This will bring you real buyers, instead of wanderers :)
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Posted: 09/25/2013, 02:00:48 AM
Thanks a lot, took a second look at my keywording, what a shame!
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Posted: 09/25/2013, 05:26:01 AM
you are from Nigeria. Then photograph the unique things you have, like the masked people and towns and countryside.
Do not attempt to produce the western concepts like dollars in pockets, they are done better in Westerland and you cannot compete.
I have heard that cellphone companies are expanding in that part of the world, so what about making a series of cellphone + model + Nigerian background, those pictures might sell all over Africa.
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Edited: 09/25/2013, 20:59:36 PM
thanks a lot Jpsdk, what a candid advice. you are right, Telecommunication is the fastest growing enterprise in Africa today. i have just added you as my favourite photographer. thanks once more.
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Posted: 09/26/2013, 02:59:13 AM
To sell to western buyers you probably have think more like westerners with stereotypical views - aid workers handing out care packages, run down schools, happy but hungry kids etc.

Typically what comes to mind when I think of Africa is photo of "the great white hope" surrounded by African children. Bono, the Tom's shoe guy or another celebrity doing good. Charity's need images like this.

But that is just one angle. Of course shoot scenes of typical local life and customs. Modern Africa, traditional Africa. Everyone lives in a unique spot on the globe and brings a unique vantage point - shoot it all!
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Posted: 09/26/2013, 22:06:31 PM

Imagine a woman unpacking her new cell phone and a group of othe women looking enviously at it. The tele companies would love that shot.
Then same shot with men in the background, mixed group or a man unpacking.

There are so many shots to be made.....
Find some iconic African places and use them as backgrounds in shots where people do things. If you can develop a style so you can make a blurred simplistic background that is still looking African. You could be up to something great.
Take a look at Yuris pictures and see how he useses simplistic elements to suggest environment and lets people be backgrounds for eachother to show the concept.
Then do the same, with a new unique African style and beautifull african models.
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Edited: 09/27/2013, 01:35:08 AM
Thanks Peanutroaster.


Thanks Jpsdk, you mentioning Yuri, it's like stock photography originated from Denmark. thanks for the insight once more.
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Posted: 09/27/2013, 03:14:24 AM
Be more patient and wait some more time to see more sales, In my own experience (if it has any relevance), the first months I only got 2 o 3 sales per month, now I am having around 22 sales per month, and the trend seems to be increasing. Just keep uploading.
I like your masquarade series, by the way.
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Posted: 09/30/2013, 06:12:18 AM
You have a beautiful portfolio. One thing I notice is there is a lot of close up shots. There isn't a lot of room if someone wants to use the images as an advertisement with wording over parts, or if they need it to crop the advertisement space. I notice several of your sold images are ones with white on multiple sides, which makes it a lot easier for the buyer to add white space to write on, or to adjust the crop ratio.
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Posted: 10/01/2013, 16:29:31 PM
thank you Danielc1998 for the encouragement. the masquerade is one of the beautiful masquerades in Nigeria. They came out tops at 2012 Abuja carnival held at Abuja, Nigeria.
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Posted: 10/02/2013, 02:19:46 AM
thank you Lauriey, u r correct, many of my photos are close up shots, i will consider leaving spaces in my next shooting. u have a beautiful port.
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Posted: 10/02/2013, 02:31:39 AM
food. native markets, more food. (I don't have food but I know they sell) Unrefined foodstuff, baskets of food, prepared food.
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Posted: 10/02/2013, 14:03:31 PM