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Downloaded vs. Best Selling and Views?

Hi Folks:
Am new here and not sure I understand the difference, if there is one, between a download and a sale - for instance sorts are available in my portfolio to sort on 'downloads' and if one were to do a search on Dreamstime, the results allow sort function by 'best selling' and 'most downloaded'. I'm confused.

Also, one other question if I may - the number of views - does a view constitute a simple return in a search, or did the potential buyer actually look at the image in detail e.g. pull up the comp file?

Thank you.
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Posted: 09/28/2013, 13:59:54 PM
I had the same questions, waiting for some of the veterans to enlighten us
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Posted: 09/29/2013, 00:38:41 AM
I'd like to know as well.
I was assuming 'best selling' meant amounts actually earned, which could vary by image size, and that 'download' referred to a strict count, regardless of size and amount paid.
The number of views is a bit confusing as well. It's odd that a new image can sit there with 0 views for a week and suddenly have 15 or 20 the next day.
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Posted: 09/29/2013, 06:25:19 AM
I don't know if this will have all the answers but there was a discussion Clicky Here
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Posted: 09/29/2013, 07:59:03 AM
downloads and sales are pretty much interchangeable terms as far as I know. I believe the difference between most downloaded and best selling is that the latter takes into account the length of time the image is available (10 sales for a week old image is better performance than 100 for a year old image). As for views, it should represent someone actually clicking on the thumb but I suspect a lot of them are from bots.
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Posted: 09/30/2013, 05:27:19 AM