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Sad News But Great Memories

New article posted: Sad News But Great Memories
Digital Compact
Posted: 09/29/2013, 03:37:51 AM
Sorry for your loss :(
Posted: 09/29/2013, 04:39:09 AM
Sorry to hear that. They bring a lot of happiness to us and become a part of the family. Hope things get better for you soon and you enjoy your memories, many of which you have "captured."
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Posted: 09/29/2013, 04:48:25 AM
Sorry for your loss. He had a good life with lots of love.
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Posted: 09/29/2013, 08:55:03 AM
Sorry for your loss.
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Posted: 09/29/2013, 09:27:55 AM
I feel the sadness within you, I myself loss a couple of best friends (dogs)..Deeply sorry for your loss.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
You're absolutely right, I agree in everything and I'm sorry for the loss. Fabio
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Posted: 09/30/2013, 02:52:06 AM
Posted: 09/30/2013, 03:19:21 AM
RIP. :(
Posted: 09/30/2013, 04:56:43 AM
I know it is a sad time.But the memories will last forever.Here is my post when we lost our boy,Hugs to you Debbie https://blog.dreamstime.com/2009/09/22/in-loving-memory_art30434
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Posted: 09/30/2013, 06:37:30 AM
Sorry for your loss.
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Posted: 09/30/2013, 10:35:43 AM
My deepest condolences to you and your family. Our furry family members are just that, family. Sounds like you gave your dog a great life. Kindest regards.
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Posted: 09/30/2013, 11:57:30 AM
:( I'm sorry for your loss..
Posted: 1 minute ago
Sorry to hear about your furry companion. I don't know what we'd do without pictures to remember all those wonderful times we have with our furry babies. Mine are like family to me (I have 3), and it's devastating when you lose one. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Thanks for all the good wishes and hugs. I know there are alot of us animal lovers out there and it's great to hear from you :)
Digital Compact
Posted: 10/01/2013, 03:34:59 AM
I know exactly how you feel. Our family lost our two Huskies last year, and every time one of their pictures are purchased I relive the memories of having them running through the snow in wintertime, and smile :)
Canon EOS Rebel
Posted: 1 minute ago
[imgl]23077710[/imgl]Sorry for your loss too Cpreiser000. We had a German Shepherd but we love huskies too! Huskies are just so striking in their appearance and we love natural upright ears on a dog. Not that many breeds have this. Your husky photos are gorgeous! No doubt your dogs were happy in the snow :)
Digital Compact
Posted: 10/02/2013, 05:23:22 AM
I'm sorry for your loss.
And I couldn't agree more about photographs being feelings captured within. Very beautifully said.
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Posted: 10/02/2013, 06:21:44 AM