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Young female consultant

Hi, I need a full body portret of a young neat female consultant standing, with tied hair or short hair on a white background. Just an neat woman in an active position and for example holding a paper notebook. Because it is used for an article about hygiene, we need tied hair or short hair. We are looking for a picture with a woman wearing (white) pants (no jeans), a clean blouse or polo shirt, standard working uniform. No pictures from head to waist. We also need the legs ;)

- no headset or mobile
- no helmet
- no phones
- no stethoscope
- no skirt or dress (just trousers)
- no glasses
- no closed position or arms crossed
- no gestures

Hope someone has the solution ;D Best regards, Flinder
Edited: 09/30/2013, 11:09:03 AM