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Another shoot today, this one is AWESOME !!!!!

Hey guys and gals, i did another photo shoot today, the theme was "Self employed person working from home on the deck" and "Insurance Adjuster at a home on a Claims Adjustment"....

I used 2 cameras, my 5D classic with a 70-200mm L series and my T2i with a 50mm 1.8 prime lens. And the new Sekonic L-358, which made this shoot a piece of cake !

So far I only have transferred the photos from the 5D classic to the pc but the color and contrast are ASTOUNDING !!!! Can't wait to get the post done and start uploading to DT so i can share them with you all !!!!!! I'm excited in case you can't tell :)
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Hope you are pleased with the results. Look forward to seeing them uploaded.
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Posted: 10/15/2013, 03:45:20 AM
I look forward to seeing your results, Mud.

I have been back and forth about buying the L-358 for years... there is just always something else more important to buy - usually not photo related unfortunately.
Posted: 10/15/2013, 06:24:04 AM
Keep at it Mud! ;)
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Posted: 0 hours ago
Thanks Luvemak, having the L-358 flash meter made it a piece of cake. The only place i really need light was when my model was on the deck but it was nice knowing in advance that things were like I wanted them to be.... they are all in the review que with about 130 hours until review....

Cjmgrafx: I never have the money either so i just busted out and bought it. Being able to tell what percentage of total light the flash is making with this one is totally awesome for knowing you have the proper amount of fill..
Cinema Camera for video. Lenses: Nothing but the best: primes and...
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