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NEW DESIGN - Dreamstime image page

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Just stumbled over the NEW DESIGN of the page with photograph.
After an initial surprise and then quick scan around trying to find links and tools I'm used to ... the verdict for me is: ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT!

Well done Dreamstime, thank you for clean and modern design. Keep up the good work!

And just in time for my latest image (with photographer) to be accepted :)
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Edited: 10/17/2013, 10:50:45 AM
LOL... not.

My favorite pastime of right cliking on an image in my profile and opening new page and seeing how many lightboxes it's in has been ruined!
I can't find the lightbox count on my images.
I get a new screen (which looks much nicer for buyers btw) with my image.
But no lightbox count.
What the heck am I gonna do with my spare time now? Take photos?
I'm lost.
Hopelessly lost.
I think i'm gonna find a closet to cry in.....

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Posted: 10/17/2013, 11:16:19 AM
AAAHHHH!!!! You are right ... it's all gone ... that's horrible!!!!! HELP PLEASE!!!
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Posted: 10/17/2013, 11:24:51 AM
They're all coming back. Patience and feedback we need.
Posted: 10/17/2013, 11:26:38 AM
Ohh, come on peeps! You just cry about a few little details .... How about all the new amazing look DT has created?! Let's give them some positive feedback too
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Edited: 10/17/2013, 12:17:38 PM
i did.
i said it looked good.
much better than before.

what the heck is a pep anyway?
Panasonic G3/GX8 and some nice Panny lenses.
Posted: 10/17/2013, 11:39:24 AM
... actually, the green box with text "Add to lightbox" when you search for photos and then get full page with photo thumbnails is not very nice. It's rather distracting and too big. I am sure a small click on button in the corner would do the same job, but in lot nicer way ....
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Posted: 10/17/2013, 17:04:30 PM
The new design is clean and good may be font of views and downloads are need to be little bigger...
Posted: 10/18/2013, 02:08:36 AM
Love it!! Took me a while to find the tool box but it's there as is the lightbox. Well done and thank you DT!
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Posted: 10/18/2013, 03:13:21 AM
The Share button is awesome.

The links from Referral button are also found on the Tools page but only on the Tools page there are radio buttons for Size: small medium large. Can you put these in the Referral button window please?

A good design, need just some minor adjustments on Tools page. I am pleased for now.
Posted: 10/18/2013, 04:02:40 AM
Overall I think it looks great.

My only suggestion is to reduce the size of the similar stock images section at the bottom and bring back the other images in contributors portfolio, because that section is now gone.
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Posted: 10/18/2013, 07:12:55 AM
I like the new design too!
I agree with Positiveflash, similar stock images is a bit big, and would be nice to bring back the other images of the contributor.
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Posted: 10/18/2013, 07:30:17 AM
Agree with Celiaak, Positiveflash and Alvera.
Posted: 10/18/2013, 14:25:57 PM
Under Share - you probably want to say "Tweet Image" instead of "Twitt Image".

Love the overall design, just missing my lightboxes!
Edited: 10/19/2013, 06:08:44 AM
Please bring ligthbox count back! As was discussed in another (old) thread, the best place to put lightbox count would be in the table showing our photos, alongside the view count.
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Posted: 10/19/2013, 06:37:15 AM
Yes, I think the lightbox marker, is a way that contributors can see how popular or succesful their images are to other people, a must to bring back, please!
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Posted: 10/19/2013, 10:04:27 AM
Image tools is not working well on some android devices. I can not use the IMAGE OPERATION section, (Add to lightbox and Add to collections are not receiving input). Android version >4.x.x
Hope will help.
Posted: 10/21/2013, 01:45:11 AM
Just noticed, there's no description with the image either. Does that mean we no longer have to write one?
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Posted: 10/21/2013, 04:06:25 AM
The description is still there, it was moved below the thumbnail. If you mouse over, the entire text will load, especially if the description is longer.
Posted: 10/21/2013, 06:55:05 AM
The new look will see continuous improvement these days (very close future):
- lightbox counter will be back
- more images from portfolio is back. That line is present when images don't have (too many) models; for instance this image
- tools section will improve and gain back features that don't appear right now

Thank you all for your constructive feedback!
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Edited: 10/21/2013, 09:02:38 AM by Admin
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