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It's time to dream again: VIDEOS, now LIVE!

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A new opportunity is now available on Dreamstime, the video options of your DSLR crave for your attention! We introduce today a new section, which is long overdue: VIDEO FOOTAGE. The advance of video, our customers' demand, the technology upgrades and last but not least, our contributors' interest have all been motivating factors in bringing you content of great quality. As of today, you can start submitting videos as well and we're looking forward to receiving your content.

How to submit: You will have a special dedicated page for video upload which you can access here and then use the FTP here . We currently accept only Quicktime MOV format. The resolution required is SD, HD 720p, HD 1080p and 4K. Codec PhotoJPEG or MJPEG, quality 95%, high or best.

What to submit: Similar to image submissions, we're interested in stock concepts that are both visually compelling and well executed and you will need to avoid out of focus scenes, shaky camera movements, over exposed frames etc while you will also need to do color corrections, white balance, check for logos etc. Videos cannot contain anything that you don't own the rights to, such as people without MRs, logos, background music etc. You will find more details on the video upload pages and you can also ask question here.

What happens after submission: Once the videos are uploaded, they will appear in your Unfinished folder folder and will be marked as videos. Continue the submission from there by adding the video info and then send the video to review. Those who submit images will find this process is exactly the same as for images.

N.B.: We are still testing this new feature so there will be continuous changes and updates in the upcoming weeks. Bear with us, we're very young video-wise but willing to learn and most of all, grow really fast.

The price structure detailed below is not fixed at this point.Video clips will be available for credits-only and there is no subscription plan available for now. Royalties are the same: 25-50% for non-exclusive videographers and 60% for exclusive videographers. There will most likely be a level-based price structure and a final decision for the price range will be made in the upcoming weeks, based on the quality of your submissions and also on the feedback we receive from our buyers.

There is no separate exclusivity option, the exclusive status is applied to both still images and videos. Exclusive contributors who submit video content elsewhere are kindly asked to clarify their status with our support until December 1, 2013.

Comments and feedback are always welcome, as well as bugs and errors you come across when using this new feature. Post in this thread all video-related thoughts or issues. We hope you'll enjoy this new addition.

It's time to dream again! Begin here: Stock Footage Submission page.
Posted: 10/24/2013, 09:44:17 AM
Awesome!!! :D
Canon EOS 550D, 1000D, Sigma 17-70mm, Adobe Photoshop
Posted: 10/24/2013, 10:02:24 AM
Congrats on getting Video up and running! I don't shoot video (yet) but I think it's a great offering for our buyers :D
etc. Favorite lens - Canon 24-70 F2.8L....
Posted: 10/24/2013, 10:31:45 AM
Good decision ... but maybe a little late.
Posted: 10/24/2013, 10:36:06 AM
That's what many were waiting for! Thank's a lot!!!
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Posted: 10/24/2013, 10:59:31 AM
What is considered SD? Is DV NTSC format acceptable (720x480 29.970 fps interlaced)? Or it needs to be square pixels (640x480)?
10-20mm f4-5.6, home photo studio...
Posted: 10/24/2013, 11:47:27 AM

Originally posted by Pulsar124:
Quoted Message: What is considered SD? Is DV NTSC format acceptable (720x480 29.970 fps interlaced)? Or it needs to be square pixels (640x480)?

Both are acceptable. SD is considered any PAL or NTSC video.
EF 100mm 2.8 Macro, Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 Nikon F301, Nikkor 50 1.8, ...
Posted: 10/24/2013, 11:52:05 AM
Good news!
What is about an editorial video?
Posted: 10/24/2013, 12:10:54 PM
I uploaded a few videos and have found that the name and tags on the video did not show up anywhere on the upload page. And file thumbnail says that it is not supported ( it is mov and HD and follows all technical requirements) so can not see what it is to do title and keywords for it. How long before all of this goes live?
Camera and a computer
Posted: 10/24/2013, 13:59:03 PM
I was miserably thinking whether to stop being exclusive or not (due to poor sales) when I saw this announcement. Well done DT! Saved in the nick of time!
Nikon D7100
Posted: 10/24/2013, 13:59:51 PM
Really?!? That's awesome! Time to start refining my video skills.
Thanks Dreamstime!
Posted: 10/24/2013, 14:02:54 PM
This is what I say a SURPRISE!
Posted: 10/24/2013, 14:16:57 PM
Nice. Will there be an alternative option for submitting for folks with large footage portfolios? I just calculated that uploading my footage would take at least 3 months nonestop.
Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 5, several Canon lenses, Hensel strobes
Posted: 10/24/2013, 15:06:26 PM
Can we start a Video forum?

I got questions...
Nikon D800, D100, Canon G15
Posted: 10/24/2013, 15:18:26 PM
Why mov format only?
other sites admits asf, avi, flv, h264, mp4, mpeg, mpegts formats exist...
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Posted: 10/24/2013, 15:21:19 PM
Excellent decision! Videos are certainly overdue :-)
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Posted: 10/24/2013, 15:54:39 PM
Finally i wait for this 3 years good job Dreamstime now only need success on sales:)
Posted: 10/24/2013, 16:12:43 PM

Originally posted by Halilin:
Quoted Message: Why mov format only?other sites admits asf, avi, flv, h264, mp4, mpeg, mpegts formats exist...

Hi, formats (such as AVI or MOV) and codecs (such as h.264, mpeg-4 or DivX) are different things. A format is a container which can use different codecs (for example AVI files can be encoded as DivX or MPEG-4, just like MOV files can be as well).

The important thing about codecs such as h.264 or mpeg-4 is that they are very efficient in compressing video, meaning lower quality of information. While they look nice in VLC for casual watching, dropping them in a professional editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro will reveal all their flaws. Transcoding them (converting them to another format or resolution) will also further amplify the flaws.

We require MOV files compressed using the PhotoJPEG/MJPEG codec. This type of compression is not very efficient by design so that it keeps a lot more information and it provides the best possible quality to our clients no matter which resolution they buy (minimal quality loss due to transcoding).

Please keep in mind that you shouldn't just transfer the videos from the memory card to our FTP server. More important than the format or codec of the video is the editing, color corrections, lighting adjustments etc. Treat a video submission with the care you would treat a photo or illustration.
EF 100mm 2.8 Macro, Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 Nikon F301, Nikkor 50 1.8, ...
Posted: 10/24/2013, 16:41:12 PM

Originally posted by Bddigitalimages:
Quoted Message: And file thumbnail says that it is not supported

Same problem here, but only on thumbnail. The rest of the process worked very smooth and my first video is on pending! I think that there are still problems to extract a thumbnail. But we are here to help with feedback.
Posted: 10/24/2013, 16:41:54 PM
Great and very welcome addition, many thanks Dreamstime! Here are some questions:
whether there's no difference in prices for 720, 1080 and 4K versions so it'd be possible to buy 4K footage for the price of 720? If so, is it right? While 1080p equipment is very popular and cheap at the moment, 4K gear is still very expensive so I just think it would be very reasonable decision to raise price for 4K footages to higher level, despite Dreamstime is a beginner in stock video market. About supported formats - QuickTime MOV is ok, but it'd be nice to add at least MPEG2 in future. And what about maximum length of clip? Is it limited only by file size of 1GB?
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Edited: 10/24/2013, 17:33:45 PM
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