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Sony A3000-Less than $350

The Sony A3000 is now around $350 most places and comes with a kit lens. If I add two filters I am still under $400. Could this be the camera to buy if I want something better than a point and shoot. Check out the review below-they like the camera.

Sony A3000 Review
Autoreflex TC 35MM camera and various lenses though I rarely shoot fi...
Posted: 11/13/2013, 22:36:10 PM
This does seem like a stock photographer's dream from an image quality versus price perspective. However, once you start using the low res viewfinder I think it will be lacking on the overall experience... Still, it should be a good jump up in image quality from a P&S, getting you into a good system without much of a price hit up front!
f/2.8 Pro, ZD 50mm Macro f/2...
Posted: 11/14/2013, 00:06:39 AM