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Twas the Night Before Christmas

New article posted: Twas the Night Before Christmas
Panasonic G3/GX8 and some nice Panny lenses.
Posted: 12/11/2013, 10:47:19 AM
You made my day! How delightful, hope all your "elf-ish" dreams come true, K-
Posted: 12/12/2013, 07:24:13 AM
This made me smile so big! Great Post!
Canon, Olympus
Posted: 12/12/2013, 10:05:23 AM
Great blog, brilliant. Hope some of this happens in the new year for you, in the meantime have a great Christmas.
IS, Cannon 70-200, Canon 100-400 IS. Giotto tripod....
Posted: 12/12/2013, 10:35:45 AM
Ha ha! Nice!
Two brown eyes and an open mind.
Posted: 12/12/2013, 16:33:54 PM
So funny! Thank you!
Nikon D7100
Posted: 12/13/2013, 02:28:17 AM
Funny blog! Yes....don't give up! Yes...more sales P-EL, SR-EL! Yeah...come on Elf! Come on! Don't sleep! Merry Christmas George! Merry sales! More sales! Yes, come on Santa! We want sales! Go planet! Beautiful blog!
Posted: 12/14/2013, 00:23:15 AM
Very creative and entertaining! Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year to you!
Nikon d7000 and several Nikkor lens
Posted: 12/15/2013, 06:50:21 AM
Great Blog, very inventive :) Hope the DT elf visits me with a DSLR :)
Merry Christmas to you and A Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year:)
Digital Compact
Posted: 12/15/2013, 14:38:33 PM
love it! merry christmas!
Nikon D70 and nikon 5100
Posted: 12/15/2013, 17:18:47 PM
Love your blogs, merry christmas and happy new year sales
Nikon D7000, Nikon and Tokina lens, iMac, CS5
Posted: 12/18/2013, 10:55:04 AM