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Retrospect of 2013

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Its strange nobody have posted that yet, so I will be the first.

I had a mixed feeling about 2013

My earnings increased by 9%, my sales by 15%, but I have increased my portfolio by 35%

Now, either I am selling much less per image, or the fact that I uploaded 40% more in the second semester just mean those images are not yet "fully selling", I don´t know.

Anyway, 2013 was a bad year for business in general (worldwide crisis specially in europe) so, I kept my earnings increasing, thats a good thing for an year like that, I think.

And you, how was it for you?

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Posted: 01/01/2014, 20:00:08 PM
Maybe people are still busy because of the Holiday?

My 2013 was great! Best year ever. That's maybe because I tried to improve my work in 2012 and those images began selling this year. I have better sales but have less uploads. RPD is almost the same.

It is a good year for my portfolio. I am hoping for 2014 to improve. Gotta beat my highest revenue per month which is $34.

Good luck to everyone!
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Posted: 01/01/2014, 20:29:51 PM
The year 2013 was ok for us. Total revenue increased by 11.8% although sales were down by 13% and total number of uploads were down by 30% Looking forward to 2014 a year we hope will bring us all good fortunes in this business. :))
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Posted: 01/01/2014, 21:09:40 PM
for me 2013 was not good year as 2012. my revenue decreased in 5% while i sold 8% more pictures
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Posted: 01/01/2014, 22:57:38 PM
2013 income was about 60% more than 2012.

There are three rules in real estate, which are location, location, location. In stock it's commercial, commercial, commercial. Results may vary from portfolio to portfolio but fail to do any one of the three, you decrease your chances to improve.
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Edited: 01/02/2014, 06:29:49 AM
My Sales increased by 28%. Revenue increased by 37%.
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Posted: 01/02/2014, 01:12:35 AM
2013 ended for me with increase in sales and revenue. Compared to 2012 it lacked consistency, as I had two months, where revenue was down to too few sub sales and then months with high credit sales.

December made the difference (though, I was not expecting much of it) - BME with highest sales, number of downloads... I have also sold my first video and had my first images in DT assignment (accepted).

Looking forward to 2014.
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Edited: 01/02/2014, 04:14:04 AM
My uploads are not more than 5% in last 4 years.
I see ups and downs of sales every months, but magical DT is keeping my average revenue almost constant in last 3 years.
I mean it's good and is not letting my moral down. Hopefully, I'm going to start uploading soon again.
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Posted: 01/02/2014, 06:24:41 AM
Revenue reported to 2012: +7%
Online files (reported to my whole portfolio): +67% (no mistake, 67%! lot of work)

As Wisconsinart said, I failed to do any one of the three rules or all of them :)

I'm afraid to do the REAL calculation: Revenue MINUS time involved, electrical energy, model payment, taxes (yes, I pay taxes, 15% in my country), gear repairment or new gear (only a small tripod in 2013), health degrade (eyes in special) etc.

Edited: 01/02/2014, 08:01:52 AM
Having just finished my second year at Dreamstime, i'm still pretty new to this but 2013 vs my first year was fantastic for me.
Managed to upload 2.4 times more photos than I did in 2012.
Was blessed with 5 times more sales and 7.4 times more revenue than in 2012 and my average RPD went up from $1.83 per image in 2012 to $2.67 for 2013.
To be fair, it probably took me all of 2012 to learn enough to get some photos into the microstock world, or maybe it just takes time for the images to 'get seen', so I didn't really have anywhere to go but up.

As far as "Commercial, commercial, commercial" goes, I probably only got as far as "Comm". Will have to work on that more this year.
Were I to calculate real income (-time, ect) as Alvera suggests, I'm probably in the minus earnings lol.

Looking forward to another great year!

Go get 'em gang!

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Edited: 01/02/2014, 06:57:24 AM
2013 was a much better year than 2012 for me.
I hope 2014 will be the best so far!
Good sales and good luck for everyone! Go!
Posted: 01/02/2014, 07:17:40 AM
Thanks to all your posting, I can see a pattern - looking backward to my early years 2009-2010-2011: the revenue and sales graph was ascending big time. From 2011 till now, flat line with a very small plus tendency. It seems that only good photographers & stock businessmen like Wisconsinart can keep a small-medium portfolio and make huge increase in revenues, 60% from one year to another.

So, I see that for first 1000-2000 images the increase is amazing, after this the flat line appear... Of course, not enough data to make a rule. People with big portfolios are not allowed to post in this forum?! :-)
Posted: 01/02/2014, 08:15:42 AM

Originally posted by Alvera:
Quoted Message: People with big portfolios are not allowed to post in this forum?! :-)

.... They have better things to do ;-) and that's why they have big portfolios :-)))
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Posted: 01/02/2014, 11:18:20 AM

Originally posted by Teabum:
Quoted Message: .... They have better things to do ;-) and that`s why they have big portfolios :-)))

True :))))
Posted: 01/02/2014, 13:47:46 PM
2013 was a great year (I worked really hard):

220% in revenue more than 2012

200% in sale more than 2012

70% portfolio larger

one SR sale

Good sales and good luck to you all!
Posted: 01/03/2014, 03:24:30 AM
2013 joined dreamstime three months, more than 400 uploaded chart, selling 14, this is just a start and I hope in the new year to have better performance. Thank you for your support and help.
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Posted: 01/03/2014, 05:30:30 AM
Hmm, let's see. Comparing 2013 to 2012, the last year had 44% more income (27% more sales; so RPD actually went up, from 2.58$ to 2.91$). I uploaded 20% fewer photos in 2013. So not bad overall.
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Posted: 01/03/2014, 16:01:55 PM
I am staying steady each year, not seeing a lot of growth. I would be doing better if I could stay more consistent.
Posted: 01/05/2014, 23:30:26 PM
Yea, the amount of earning decreased, by about 7%. not so good, but on the other hand I uploaded very few photos, only 104. In 2013 I was busy with other things. Hope to get back to photos soon.
Posted: 01/06/2014, 01:27:35 AM
In 2013 the sales were down for me, while on all the other sites they were up,...I'm still not really sure what am I doing wrong :/.
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Posted: 01/06/2014, 02:31:47 AM
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