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Model release documents

Hi, Please someone answer me when needed model release document. I really can not understand why I wanted the document when I see that there are many approved photos in which have captured people (both celebrities and ordinary people) to other photographers without such document.
Thank you very much.
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Posted: 01/07/2014, 06:37:28 AM
They are being sold as editorial - no model release is needed but the images cannot be used for commercial use, for example to advertise anything. Check the images you are referring to and you will see the word "editorial." Usually those photos are purchased for use in news articles.
Posted: 01/07/2014, 07:07:52 AM
What Red said...When you upload a portrait shot of someone for commercial use to i.e someone eating a bright red apple that will require a MR. If it is a group of people protesting or fighting it will most likely be editorial. Imagine asking those people for MR's ....might end up a bit nasty.

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Posted: 01/07/2014, 09:04:11 AM
Thanks a lot for the answers, but I mean pictures like this, that has captured people, no model release, RF: www.dreamstime.com/photos-images/live-concert.html

my pictures are similar and not accepted only for model release needed
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Edited: 01/07/2014, 21:04:53 PM
It seems like you need a specific answer regarding your pictures, maybe it's something that you need to clarify with the editor who reviewed your submissions.

Please contact support, include the IDs of the files in question, and you'll get an detailed answer.
Posted: 01/08/2014, 02:18:34 AM
thank you Dudau
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Posted: 01/10/2014, 08:42:05 AM