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Exclusive Terms and Other types of work

If I am exclusive on DT can I sell photographs to a magazine? If so, could they be photos similar to those I have on DT?

I have searched the message boards and found answers both ways! I would really like a difinitive answer from DT admin if possible.

Just trying to get the rules down so I don't get into trouble!
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Thank you!
Canon 7d Mark II - (and I love it!!)
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Welcome in exclusivity!!!
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Posted: 01/08/2014, 14:38:25 PM
Welcome to za club
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You can sell photos directly to the buyer, in this case, the magazine. Exclusive images can be sold directly to the buyer. But that buyer can not be a reseller, in this case there will be troubles.
A definitive answer you will get only by writing to support (contact us section) after explaining in details your particular case. Good luck.
Posted: 01/08/2014, 22:48:51 PM