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New assignment: All in white

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A fresh, clean and optimistic start for the 2014 assignments! Think positive, think of white.

Every color has its beauty and colors give life to everything around us. Colors influence even our way of living and thinking. This is why we've chosen a new challenge for you – capture the white color in cool photos. White may look like a simple, neutral color but you'll find thousands of different shades and ways of showing it. So let's see how colorful and varied white actually is.

There are so many simple but beautiful things associated with white: freshness, snow, innocence, purity, clouds, polar bears, wedding dresses, clean linen, winter. And the list can go on. What does white tell you or makes you feel like? Is it cold, is it smooth, is it refreshing, is it heaven? Imagine a white garden of Eden with whitish silhouettes. Perhaps a ride on a cloud or a relaxing glide down a white puffy slide will make your day. And if you're tired of dreaming, just go out and have a look around. Stripes are back in fashion and they look gorgeous in white combinations. A white fancy hat worn by a beautiful lady can surely give you a new vision of white. Your girlfriend grabbing your white shirt when getting out of bed or a white ballerina dress can send you dreaming to a white, happy world. If you're ready to travel, just think Antarctica, a entire world of frozen ivory white snow. Cold and ice can re-shape nature, water, trees, waves in so many amazing ways. Do yo know what an ice princess looks like? We think she is wearing a lot of white but we'll let you imagine that. There are plenty of white things at hand that may look common but use your imagination. Do you like milk? Well, milk is … white. Imagine a sweet little kid drinking milk and having that funny mustache.

The coolest white shots will be awarded with $300 for the first place, $200 for the second place and $100 for the third place. Also, our Dreamstime branded tees will be delivered to all our winners. They're cool and they're … white.

On your marks, get set, shoot all in white!
Posted: 01/17/2014, 04:21:46 AM
Hmmmm....off to the drawing board! I hope I can do well and get my first assignment photo accepted!!!
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Posted: 01/17/2014, 10:22:15 AM
Is it possible to get an image that is already in my portfolio considered for inclusion in the assignment?
Edited: 01/18/2014, 15:30:42 PM
Actually we are still waiting for the snow here in Poland. I hope we will get some before the assignment is closed :).

Posted: 01/19/2014, 14:29:09 PM

Originally posted by Terrim128:
Quoted Message: Is it possible to get an image that is already in my portfolio considered for inclusion in the assignment?

Yes, submit it again as if it is brand new. You upload it and before you process it you must go to the Assignments page to submit it to the contest. If it is approved you then disable the original image from your portfolio.
Posted: 01/19/2014, 14:47:09 PM
Great answer Red, thank you :)
Posted: 01/20/2014, 01:30:25 AM
Hehe.... There is definitely won't snow at our places:))) Have to look for other FRESH ideas. Good luck to you, guys!
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Posted: 01/20/2014, 02:40:20 AM
Just had mine accepted! Yay!!!!
Posted: 01/21/2014, 05:23:58 AM
Awesome! Finally had mine accepted...first assignment!!!
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Posted: 01/21/2014, 09:51:06 AM
Love your one Erin. Best of luck! x
Posted: 01/21/2014, 11:41:27 AM
Tangie Who can vote? Can you only vote if you are a dreamstime member? or are the winners selected by DT? Thanks.
Posted: 01/21/2014, 13:00:00 PM
As for all assignments, all Dreamstime members can and are invited to vote for their favorites. We do not select the winners, we just count your votes.
Posted: 01/22/2014, 04:52:34 AM
Thank you Murdock. That puppy of yours is beautiful!
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Posted: 01/22/2014, 06:42:09 AM
Thank you Tangie and thanks Erin...
Posted: 01/23/2014, 14:51:08 PM
He is lovely! Its the first time I have submitted an image for a assignment. Here he is...     Golden retriever puppy   
Edited: 01/28/2014, 03:39:17 AM
Is there a LIMIT on the numbers of images I can submit for each assignment? if any, what is the limit number??

Posted: 02/09/2014, 03:51:01 AM
You can upload 10 images for this assignment only!
Posted: 02/09/2014, 04:15:52 AM
@Murdock thanks a lot
Posted: 02/09/2014, 04:18:41 AM
You are welcome..
Posted: 02/09/2014, 04:35:37 AM
Just voted my favorite "white" images...As usual; a tough competition. All images are gorgeous. Wish you all the best of luck!
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Posted: 02/18/2014, 08:27:35 AM
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