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Sell your images

The Sell Your Images page needs an update - the top introduction no longer matches the table below. It states that images start at level 0, when in fact they run at Level 1 for 6 months (as noted in the table). Secondly, it states percentages as 25-50%, when in fact they max out at 45% now. Finally, it states that for each transaction it is based on net sales amounts, when that does not seem to be true for subscriptions plans...

"As soon as your application is accepted, your files will be available for sale on the site. Upon review, the file will be included as a 0 level file. "

"For each transaction, the photographer receives a 25-50 percent Revenue Share, which is calculated based on the net sales amount for the transaction. Exclusive images receive an additional 10 percent bonus, while exclusive photographers enjoy a 60 percent Revenue Share and an additional bonus of $0.20 for each approved submission."
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Posted: 01/20/2014, 13:35:53 PM
Can someone tell me about this..

thsi page says..at bottom..
"Exclusive photographers receive $0.20 bonus per approved submission."

does this mean that, i get $0.2 for every approved submission?
so if I submit 100 pic.. $20 bonus?

is this really work for Exclusive Photographers?
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Edited: 03/15/2014, 07:57:03 AM
Yes, that is what it means and it does work.
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Posted: 03/15/2014, 12:53:55 PM
Thanks Chanevy for your reply. Thats nice to hear..
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Posted: 03/15/2014, 13:21:57 PM
If I want to create a painting from an image and sell it, what is the image cost?
Also, if I want to make reproductions from my painting, what is the process and image cost?
Posted: 07/14/2014, 10:22:33 AM