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Free images and acceptance ratio

Hello Dreamstime team,

I was recently thinking about free images.

We all know there is the option to add images in the free section if an image is rejected. Not everyone is willing to check the box to add photo for free license.

On this moment every rejected file affects the acceptance ratio. Maybe there is a way to encourage more photographers to add their images to the free section if the reward would be that the acceptance ratio will be not affected when a rejected image will be add for free licensing.

So only images that are fully rejected affects the acceptance ration. What do you think? 


Posted: 01/23/2014, 04:26:13 AM
That sounds good to me...and maybe it already works that way.
However, I check the "free" box every single time I upload images and have never had one go there yet.
Mine must all be either just above the minimum level for acceptance, or too abysmal to even be given away. Must be a pretty narrow window of opportunity.
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Edited: 01/23/2014, 08:16:06 AM

Acutually i should have started with the question if it works that way........ :). I dont want to give false information. And yes it looks like you should be not to far aways from the standard. You need 100 percent sharp images, not much noise and good composition. Maybe if one of these points is little less then 100 it goes to free section. The free section should still look good.

Posted: 01/23/2014, 05:32:38 AM
Rejected is rejected and affects your ratio. Assignment rejects also used to affect your ratio even if the image was accepted in the ordinary way but that may have changed.
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Posted: 01/23/2014, 07:53:58 AM