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Top 10 Things to Do When It's Cold Outside

Posted: 01/23/2014, 18:39:58 PM
Brilliant blog again. I see your name next to a blog and I know I have to read it, because it will be good and this blog proved my point. So many good points not only for beginners in "stock" but also photographers that need a bit more inspiration at this time. Thank you. There are many books written about photography that would not be so thought provoking. Perhaps it's time for you to expand on this blog and create a valuable addition to the photography book shelf.
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Posted: 01/24/2014, 02:34:44 AM
Great advice Karen, thanks for sharing :)
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Posted: 01/24/2014, 02:41:07 AM
Your blog bring ALWAYS a large smile on my face. Keep on writing, you have a loyal reader here. Thanks! (the USEFUL click is mine :)
Posted: 01/24/2014, 03:11:40 AM
Super blog, great ideas! Thank you!
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Posted: 01/24/2014, 07:38:11 AM
Great blog, Karen! Thank you for sharing!
Posted: 01/24/2014, 09:44:04 AM
awesome karen! great ideas and wonderfully useful words of wisdom. love your contest image!
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Posted: 01/24/2014, 13:39:28 PM
Thank you Karen. I really like the one about sifting through the trash to find the treasure! I'm going to spend these cold nights doing just that!
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Posted: 01/25/2014, 17:54:45 PM
I would like to add another reason to #2 Write a Blog - that's the WARM and FUZZY feeling you get when wonderful people leave such kind comments. Thank you soooo much for your generosity!

Clearvista and Alvera - you two absolutely MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!! thank you, K-
Posted: 01/26/2014, 10:09:26 AM
Great ideas!
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Posted: 01/27/2014, 02:32:56 AM
Great blog as always!
Posted: 01/29/2014, 08:12:15 AM
Nice blog, thanks for sharing!
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Posted: 01/31/2014, 13:16:13 PM
Great blog, thanks for sharing.... Good luck.
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Posted: 01/31/2014, 22:36:12 PM
Wonderful and inspirational article, thank you so much for sharing
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Posted: 06/29/2015, 16:38:42 PM