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Stealing Keywords From Other Contributors

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New article posted: Stealing Keywords From Other Contributors
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Posted: 02/19/2014, 10:17:40 AM
I write keyword use online translation
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Posted: 02/19/2014, 10:50:16 AM
Directly copying and pasting keywords is certainly taking the easy way out and, as you say, cheating.

My keywording work-method is...
1. Look at the image and plug in obvious words and any I can think of relating to the image or concept. Y'know, the who, what, where, when, why, mood, feeling and so on.
2. Use a keywording tool (many on the net) and select from their list any I may have missed that are relevant.
3. Use an online thesaurus to come up with similar words I may not have thought of.

In some respects, might be thought of as 'stealing' still seems to require a fair bit of effort and thought on my part.
I just see it as tools towards the end goal.
Never thought of putting my own nickname in there.
That's a good idea if you're known well enough (not me lol).

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Posted: 02/19/2014, 12:37:36 PM
Wow, I can't believe people actually copy and paste sets of keywords. Definitely cheating. I find that keywording is one of the easier parts of stock. Like Daddio said, look at the image and plug in the obvious keywords - describe the darn thing! Then put in the plurals, ings, etc. I will also use a thesaurus and sometimes a keywording tool. (Not using the tools as much, since they sometimes give TOO many suggestions!)

I do, however, as a last step, look at the "most downloaded" similar concept images. If I see a word that I have obviously missed, I will use it. Not exactly "stealing," just missing a word that I should have come up with on my own to begin with.

On another note, Wisconsinart, do you find that inserting your username as a keyword helps you in any way? I'm assuming it might help with indexing on Google, etc. Interesting idea...I may have to "steal" that one from you! ;)

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Posted: 02/20/2014, 07:52:33 AM
A very clever idea to put your nickname in keywords. But you don't lose a percent from relevance? I've just realised I have no idea how relevance work :-)
Posted: 02/20/2014, 09:19:28 AM
I just don't understand people sometimes. Keywording images is a chore but it has to be done. It's not fair on the vast majority of contributors who spend time keywording their work just for somebody else to come along and copy and paste it.

If these people haven't got the time, or simply can't be bothered, to keyword their own images then maybe they shouldn't be here.
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Posted: 02/20/2014, 09:49:43 AM

Why would anyone copy keywords when there are good keywording sites that are free.
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Posted: 02/20/2014, 10:17:57 AM

Originally posted by Edonalds:
Quoted Message: Why would anyone copy keywords when there are good keywording sites that are free.

This is new to me. I use only Yuri's tool. Please tell me other places. Thank you.
Posted: 02/20/2014, 10:54:24 AM
I believe that people steal keywords because they think if those images sold well, that somehow, a buyer will "stumble" on their fabulous work. Not true and defeats the purpose of key wording in the first place.

I've railed against this here several times, but have just been labeled as a crank.

I believe if the reviewers, who over all do an excellent job, can take the time to evaluate a photo or piece of art, they can do a quick skim through the keywords for irrelevant entries.

On the other hand, it may take more time than I am aware of, but it is a rotten practice.

As in wrinkle and young girl. I get very broadly how the person MIGHT try to justify that, but it's till wrong.

Some sites publish a list of the most searched keywords and people just copy and paste them as they appear hoping to cash in.

This process should be not only discouraged, but outlawed.
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Posted: 02/20/2014, 12:31:51 PM
But MASTER, people don't need to steal keywords when it known to exist website that offers free keywords! Look here for example: Come on dreamstimers! Use free this site but carefully after your displays keywords must carefully select what fit you for your picture! Good luck everybody! Go! Go planet!
Posted: 02/20/2014, 12:46:02 PM
I like is the one I use when needed. The person who created mykeyworder is also a DT member. :)
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Posted: 02/20/2014, 15:37:20 PM
Isn't including our name not allowed by DT? I think I read that a long time ago in the forum.
Some people are inefficient and dishonest. They exist everywhere even here :S
Posted: 02/20/2014, 16:13:40 PM
Interesting subject. I do believe that copying the whole list of keywords is not a good idea. You may call it stealing although I don't believe anybody has a copyright on the words themselves or the order they are written.
It is definitely tempting to "reuse" some good keywords especially for non native English speakers.
What if you take them from a thesaurus? Isn't that stealing? It should not be used for commercial purposes for free if you read the fine print.
I am not investing nearly enough time in keywording. Too bad. But how about this?
When you are lost and no good ideas come to your mind and have already 6-7 good keywords how about doing a search on 2-3 of them see what comes up? I mean on DT site.
If one sees good words that one may have missed is this a steal to take them? Just those words that match well. I am not convinced. And from here it is a slippery slope.

Posted: 02/20/2014, 17:43:33 PM
Gmargittai has a good point. What constitutes stealing? There is certainly a big difference between blinding copying an entire keyword set and using a few keywords from a similar image that are relevant to your own image. Sooner or later, with similar images, we would all be bound to use some of the same keywords anyway. As long as they're relevant, there shouldn't be a problem.

I still don't get who would be lazy enough to just copy everything, including wisconsinart's name!

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Posted: 02/20/2014, 18:12:27 PM
It's stealing when you work hard to grow your portfolio and people help themselves to what you did honestly.

Did you ever try to populate an newly uploaded image with the keywords from an image that didn't belong to you? You can't. There is a reason why DT doesn't let you do that.

In the end, the overall complete package is still your body of work.
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Posted: 02/20/2014, 18:58:14 PM
Get inspired from other distributers but DON'T COPY! This advice is not only valid for the photos, it is also valid for the keywords!

Of course - as a non native speaker - it is not easy to find the correct keywors. Of course I do look at similar photos what keywords they are using - but I don't copy them. It costs you a few seconds to check keywords and their translations into your mother language by using an online dictionary. It's worth to take this time.
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Posted: 02/21/2014, 00:42:37 AM
Great article. I didn't know about the tool until now. I will be putting it to use, thank you.

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Posted: 02/21/2014, 04:52:12 AM
Wisconsinart, I would be angry too if someone took all of my keywords. As many have stated here, there are so many other legit (and easy) ways to gather your keywords.
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Posted: 02/21/2014, 07:42:47 AM

Originally posted by Edonalds:
Quoted Message: Why would anyone copy keywords when there are good keywording sites that are free.

And these work by extracting keywords from similar pictures or "stealing keywords" in other words.
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Posted: 02/21/2014, 07:50:08 AM
I found "wisconsinart" in the Oxford dictionary: "an exceptionally intelligent person or one with exceptional skill in a particular area of activity". So this word is free for use :)
Posted: 02/21/2014, 14:43:41 PM
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