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Help! Download not showing

I'm new here and tried to download image 22155346.
I bought credits, and can see that i have downloaded the file (in the righthand corner) but WERE IS IT? I'm working on a Mac in OS 10.9.1 and the file is nowhere to be found...

Please help!
Posted: 02/24/2014, 14:45:53 PM
Did you do a search on your Mac using the name of the image? It should download to the location you indicated you wanted it to go to. Perhaps it got downloaded to a folder that you recently had open?
Posted: 02/24/2014, 14:59:34 PM
i did search and search, and also when i look at the download button on the right in the browsers menubar no downloads are shown!
Posted: 02/24/2014, 15:15:06 PM
Oh my. If you can send screen shots to Support (Contact Us link at bottom of each page) you might get a faster response. They are in a different time zone than the US so it might not be until tomorrow that you get a reply (depending on where you are located).
Posted: 02/24/2014, 15:28:57 PM
Hi Carokroko,

Please send us an email here in order to solve your problem. Thanks.
Posted: 02/25/2014, 07:46:02 AM
Please give me the correct procedure to down load an image as I am new to your site. Thanks Joni
Posted: 03/09/2014, 09:52:08 AM
Hi Joan.

Please take a look at our buyers FAQs section, everything you need should be in there.
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Posted: 03/09/2014, 10:50:50 AM