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Are stats showing up to date? in earnings-balance?

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Funny! my balance keeps going up but I cant see any up to date stats in the earnings-balance? anybody else?
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Posted: 03/03/2014, 13:40:20 PM
yes I am having the same problem. There must be a database problem which I am sure they are looking into.
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Posted: 03/03/2014, 13:43:34 PM
There are some delays in various section, don't be worried, it's a busy period.
Posted: 03/03/2014, 13:45:32 PM
Sometimes the files need more time to appear in your earnings list, but the total balance is updated in real time.
Posted: 03/03/2014, 15:32:16 PM
There seem to be other problems Dudau. Files are being accepted but no record is showing and no money amounts or upload totals are updating. The accepted files are disappearing but nothing is updating. I believe that there is a server lag or problem more extensive than just the usual one that fixes itself with patience. It has been happening all day and the lag is longer than the usual 3 or 4 hours.
Posted: 03/03/2014, 15:35:56 PM
I concur with Red. My observations are the same....
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Posted: 03/03/2014, 16:01:49 PM
The lag is longer, about 3 days ago started. For sure it will be solved.
Posted: 03/03/2014, 16:14:15 PM
I have files accepted today, the upload totals were updated, the earnings total is updated and if you're using the Social Hub, you can see the latest sales. Indeed, there is a server lag, but it's just one server of many, nothing to worry about. Everything will get back to normal soon.
Posted: 03/03/2014, 16:18:19 PM
There is a normal? That changes everything! :-)
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Posted: 03/03/2014, 16:23:29 PM
Same problem here...earnings increase, but I can't see what sold! No problem with upload stats or anything else here.
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Posted: 03/03/2014, 16:24:49 PM
Perhaps it has to do with location. I had images accepted today, the total is ok, the $ has not updated and the image is nowhere to be seen. I don't do the Social Hub thing. I've been doing this a few years and this is not the "usual" - must be a new normal and longer to update than ever before. I suspect that it is a lag due to something new.
Posted: 03/03/2014, 16:46:33 PM
I have this problem too. My images were reviewed, but now they totally disappeared. They are not to be found either in the refused nor online files section. Nor has the uploads number changed – the images are just gone. I have waited about 14 hr. and now I wrote support. Hope it will be fixed soon.
Posted: 03/03/2014, 18:09:11 PM
Even the main message page is not updating the latest posts in each of the categories (Day dreaming, Dreamstime blogs, New Members, etc.)....
Nikon D800; Nikon D300
Posted: 03/03/2014, 18:11:29 PM
Same problems here. I just emailed support, just to let them know that there may be an issue with my account. But after reading all the posts here, I see it's not just my account. The DT programmers are top notch, from what I've seen in the past. I'm sure it will be resolved soon :-)
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Posted: 03/03/2014, 18:29:24 PM
Same problem here. Earnings increase from 2-3 days but no stats. It is first time for me with that long server lag.
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Edited: 03/04/2014, 03:08:09 AM
I was starting to think that it was the first time in 9 years to not have a sale :)
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Edited: 00/00/0000, 00:00:00 AM
As long as the earnings keep going up then I am happy :)
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Posted: 03/04/2014, 05:14:16 AM
It's starting to work now. Image that was accepted two days back just appeared in our portfolio. Now waiting for the earnings update. :))
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Posted: 03/04/2014, 08:26:58 AM
It would be really great to have a spot on the site to check when one suspects problems, lags etc. I'm sure that it would save on multiple questions to Support and new threads in the forum. Most Contributors do not participate in the forums so their first thought is to email Support.
Posted: 03/04/2014, 09:27:31 AM
My sale and my uploads have not yet been updated Sigh!!!!
Posted: 03/04/2014, 09:35:16 AM
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