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Help,thank you in advanced

excume me! I am a new member here. I have uploaded many images but how could I increase my revenue? here is the link: https://www.dreamstime.com/reganyuan888_info,
And that is to say, which kind of images are of more commercial value? why do no one download my pictures?
Am I wrong?
who can help me?
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Posted: 03/15/2014, 02:34:54 AM
You'll do fine. It just takes time.
I was 9 months actively uploading to get to 200 images before my first payout and my second looks like it will be 3 months (and another 300 images) after that one.
From reading the forums it looks like people generally take from six months to a year to get the first payout.
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Posted: 03/15/2014, 07:04:19 AM
You have a beautiful port. I think you should pay more attention to keywording. For you to succeed in this industry, you need good photographs, and for this photographs to be seen by potential buyers, you need a good keywording.
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Posted: 03/15/2014, 11:48:52 AM
Rik57 and Tru9ja ,thank you very much,and I'll try my best.
Nikon lens and tamron 272E lens
Posted: 03/15/2014, 22:45:28 PM