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PaintShop Pro vector

I've searched the boards but can't find the answer to this problem.
I've created my first vector illustration, (all layers vector) in psp format saved it first as jpeg and it was accepted by DT.
I went back to pspimage and 'saved as' eps. However when I try to open the eps the preview is only half coloured and when I go to edit only a small section of the image opens. I've tried downsizing the psp but that doesn't work. Any help from you wonderful illustrators out there?
Nikon D7100
Posted: 04/05/2014, 04:50:35 AM

I do not use PSP but I think the cause of your problem is:

.eps does not support layers.

Solution to your problem:

1. Avoid layers, convert all layers into a flat vector before saving as .eps (and keep the source in the native format for further editing).

Additionally you may want to pay attention to:

2. When saving as .eps be careful not to save any raster image inside;
3. Check for open paths;
4. Clean your document (unused objects or styles).

Also, when saving as .jpg be sure to check the image for banding or jittery (pixelated) outlines.

Regards, Madalina
Posted: 04/05/2014, 08:13:59 AM
PaintShop Pro does not properly save vectors as eps. The reason it shows in the options is because it can translate eps files to use as jpgs.

You will have to get a special program designed to save vectors properly. Corel, Illustrator, Inkscape, and a few others can do that.

Vectors (eps, ai, svg) are a completely different kind of file from raster (jpg, tiff)

I had the same confusion when I started vectors. There isn't a lot of good information available about this first step... getting the right software.

Nikon D70, standard lens
Posted: 04/05/2014, 08:14:59 AM
I just found this, which may be useful. At the bottom of the article, there is a list of free vector editing software.

Nikon D70, standard lens
Posted: 04/05/2014, 08:19:46 AM
Thank you so much Madelina and Darla for taking the time to respond, and for the link Darla, I'm going to check it out now. :-)
Nikon D7100
Posted: 04/05/2014, 09:05:17 AM
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Posted: 04/17/2014, 07:01:04 AM
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Nikon D70, standard lens
Posted: 04/17/2014, 08:32:07 AM