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Antelope Canyon, Navajo land, Arizona

New article posted: Antelope Canyon, Navajo land, Arizona
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Posted: 04/15/2014, 03:39:06 AM
A Beautiful part of the USA. Have fun.
I have been there many years ago.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Great post with a collection of some amazing images!
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Nice shot
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Posted: 04/16/2014, 03:41:11 AM
beautiful images, looks like you really did your homework. I feel sad that I lived a decade in the west and never made it there!
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Posted: 04/16/2014, 05:58:20 AM
It's never to late to go visit :)
And our contributors have some really amazing images indeed.
300v (film), assorted lenses...
Posted: 04/16/2014, 06:02:40 AM
GReat images... I went there last August... Amazing and beautiful place.
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Posted: 04/16/2014, 09:39:45 AM
really envy you for capturing great shot of the canyon.....it is on my bucket list to be walking down that canyon one day....
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Posted: 04/16/2014, 11:38:46 AM
Very nice!
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Posted: 04/17/2014, 02:00:04 AM
Went last year, and is truly an awesome place to visit. If you go, just be aware that it is a VERY popular place these days, and is always very,very crowded. I would recommend taking one of the photographer only tours - still crowded, but they do a great job of getting you in position to take a shot. Otherwise, all your pics will look like this ;-)
   Tour Group in Antelope Canyon   
It's like being a light-beam paparazzi !
Edited: 1 minute ago
Karen, I came across your image when I wrote the article and was actually wondering about the story behind it. Now I know why there's a bunch of people in the shot. Quite funny actually :)
300v (film), assorted lenses...
Posted: 04/17/2014, 07:43:22 AM
Beatuful photo!
VR Nikkor 70-200 F2.8 VRII Sigma DP2m...
Posted: 04/17/2014, 10:48:44 AM
Beautiful spot!
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Posted: 04/18/2014, 06:37:40 AM
I went there some years ago too. I have a lot of pictures of this wonderful place but no one is for sale because I've not requested (nor paid) the mandatory commercial permit ( http://www.navajonationparks.org/htm/antelopepermits.htm#photography )
Posted: 04/18/2014, 09:12:07 AM
Beautiful. I never knew we needed a permit to shoot there. Thanks for the info for next time.
Posted: 04/18/2014, 10:04:40 AM
These pictures are great!
I took some of secret canyon last summer. I've put in the request for the permit, called and tried again, in person when I was there but without any luck, so unfortunately I have no permit for the pictures I have. :-(
Nikon D800e
Posted: 04/22/2014, 03:27:43 AM
Great images and blog, congratulations!
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Posted: 04/22/2014, 07:09:52 AM
Whow what a place!
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Posted: 04/25/2014, 03:02:55 AM
Beautiful blog and images! Congrats and thank you for sharing!
Posted: 12/10/2014, 09:35:22 AM