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My first Ebook Cover with photos from Dreamtime

I just submitted my first Ebook that is using a photo from Dreamtime. At the end of the book I made sure to mention Dreamtime and the photographer: Curaphotography.
I used ID 14763816 .

The title is Reborn: Shifting Alliances. The summary is below if you are interested. Please feel free to swing by Amazon and pick it up. Reborn

Jasmine Lakey is more than an intense business woman who goes after what she wants and gets it but she is also a shape shifter. Her resorts and restaurants are profitable and the conservation program is making a difference for endangered animals. Now she has her site on another target; Noah Kent.

After a year of working as a photo journalist for her wildlife conservation federation Noah Kent threw caution to the wind and accepted her offer to join Jasmine for a weekend at her secluded resort.

Although she had fallen for him through his art she knew a relationship was not in the plans; and now that he was there as a guest at her resort, tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains, she planned on only seducing him. Killing her first husband still haunted her and she was unwilling to make that mistake again but fate stepped in. Now Jasmine must fight feelings that she’d rather forget and threats from a rival bear clan, coming to claim her land all to keep him safe.
Posted: 04/17/2014, 21:15:11 PM
What license did you use when you downloaded the picture? Thanks in advance!
Posted: 09/08/2014, 05:47:00 AM