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Featured Photographer Thanks Dreamstime!

This morning when I went to check on my Dreamstime account, I saw that I'm the featured photographer. What a wonderful surprise!
Thanks Dreamstime for that and also a big thanks to your hard-working employees, this isn't an easy job.
Posted: 05/01/2014, 08:29:55 AM
Congratulations and well deserved because you have such a great portfolio. Hope this brings more sales to you.
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Posted: 05/01/2014, 08:41:34 AM
Very well done from me to Angela, and as Clearvista said, very deserved.
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Posted: 05/01/2014, 11:06:39 AM
Congratulations Angela. You have a very impressive portfolio.
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Posted: 05/01/2014, 11:13:37 AM
Awesome, Angela! I've been a big fan for a long time :-) Cheers to a well-deserved spotlight on your impressive DT portfolio!
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Edited: 05/01/2014, 16:28:06 PM
Congratulation Angela, I took a look at your portfolio and you deserve it.

What does becoming featured photographer mean? What are the benefits if any?
Posted: 05/01/2014, 18:30:49 PM
Congratulations Angela! I am glad to see one of my favorite photographers making the headline :-) Thanks for all the travel inspiration dreaming :-) and keep up the good work on the way to adventurous feature ...!
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Posted: 05/02/2014, 13:52:06 PM
Congratulations and many more success in future :)
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Posted: 05/02/2014, 14:21:35 PM
Congratulations, much deserved!
Posted: 05/03/2014, 13:07:09 PM
Thanks so much for the kind words. Also if you have time, check out my mom's wonderful pictures!
Posted: 05/04/2014, 22:01:42 PM
Congratulations, wonderful ports! Talent runs in the family!
Posted: 05/05/2014, 08:12:13 AM
Congrads.. You have a wonderful portfolio.
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Posted: 05/06/2014, 07:14:34 AM