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Have they changed the sort-order?

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I dont know but all of a sudden its gone pretty quiet. Have they changed the sort? anybody?
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Posted: 05/05/2014, 09:21:37 AM
Sales have suddenly stopped. Support says it's because the upload limits have been dropped and there is now increased competition as the pros can upload thousands of images. But that can't be true because the high end photogs generally upload images with models and business people which do not compete with the concepts the rest of us generally create.

If there was increasing competition, you would see sales tapering off. Sales falling of the cliff suggest something has "happened" but your guess is as good as mine. At the end of March the site blew up and was down for 2-3 days, I am wondering if it caused Buyers to go elsewhere. The United States also had "spring break" during April which probably didn't help.

In the same time period, you also now have another site giving images away for free for bloggers. Is that a factor? Would you condemn yourself to Hell asking God to drop a meteor on the moron who made the decision to give images away for free?
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Posted: 05/05/2014, 10:50:03 AM
Well I happen to be one of these people you are talking about. Can not see any difference though. For me DT was brilliant for several months then periodically it just eased off?
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Edited: 05/05/2014, 11:05:53 AM
I had a better month in April but I have to say that for the last 4-5 months it has always been the last 7 days of the month when the sales come through...nothing really steady...given my portfolio is still small but it is something I noticed.
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Posted: 05/05/2014, 12:19:13 PM
Hmmmn, for newbie like me, am on holiday... sales-wise.
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Posted: 05/05/2014, 13:39:55 PM
April was very bad as I said in another post. And May started like s...t.
Posted: 05/05/2014, 14:04:05 PM
I don't think increased (or removed) upload limits would register yet on our earnings - the total number of photos here is still growing pretty slowly (23 million at this point), it is not like it doubled overnight or something.

My sales are pretty much zero this year (and despite the small portfolio, it was pretty steady the previous 2 years). I suspect the dramatic drop in sales is the reflection of what is happening with the industry. The competition is fierce, number of photographs is increasing exponentially, but the demand doesn't grow much (or may be at all).

My prediction on this forum last year was that eventually all microstock photos will be given away for free, as there will be enough of photographers willing to do this just to have their name in the caption.
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Posted: 05/05/2014, 14:33:36 PM
I had a BME in March, followed by not much in April and nothing yet for May. It seems, though, that these times come and go. Microstock will get tougher, but I don't think it is going away, at least not any time too soon.
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Posted: 05/05/2014, 22:40:56 PM
Sales have suddenly stopped as wisconsinart said
Posted: 05/05/2014, 23:45:19 PM

Originally posted by Libux77:
Quoted Message: Sales have suddenly stopped as wisconsinart said

Yes. Precisely, number of sales, the rpd is between 1-3 as usual.
Posted: 05/06/2014, 00:09:48 AM
The RPD here are among the very best, bar RM/RF of course. I had a good April, not complaining at all but basically just wondered if the sort had been rotated.
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Posted: 05/06/2014, 01:56:37 AM

Originally posted by Fred11:
Quoted Message: The RPD here are among the very best, bar RM/RF of course. I had a good April, not complaining at all but basically just wondered if the sort had been rotated.

My pattern is 2-3 months low rise up, then come a month badly down.
My average in 2011 was 91 sales/month. 2012 - 75. 2013 - 86. In the mean time, my portfolio grow up about 3 times. And the quality of photos grow up too. So, my online files go up and my sales go down. :)
Posted: 05/06/2014, 02:56:55 AM

Originally posted by Alvera:
Quoted Message: Yes. Precisely, number of sales, the rpd is between 1-3 as usual.

I observed the same and it happened at the beginning of April or so. My revenue in April is worse for last 13 months (though 13 months ago I had twice less images in my PF).

May started not better, unfortunately.

So, the pattern is as Our King said: 'Our online files go up and revenue goes down'.
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Posted: 05/06/2014, 03:19:04 AM
Yes, sales have stoped, for almost 10 days.

Ahhhh, what a relief, I thought I was the only one. LOL
Edited: 05/06/2014, 05:05:25 AM
I still wonder why users with portfolios bigger than 10,000 photos are banned from this message board :))
Posted: 05/06/2014, 05:30:12 AM

There are periods of time when sales stop, grow or remain constant. What we have noticed is that the number of downloads is increasing everyday and so is the number of newly created accounts. And I think this is good news.

Let's all be patient and do the most important thing: upload! :)
Posted: 05/06/2014, 05:43:11 AM
The more I think this through, the more I believe the sudden drop in sales is the result of G-Images making their entire inventory free for bloggers.

If there is any consolation, G-Images is most likely suffering the same as everyone else from the drop in revenue. Whatever they make in advertising from embedded linking will never come close to making up the difference.

It was a stupid decision. Coca Cola was smart enough to admit its mistake with New Coke. It remains to be seen if G-Images would rather have the bottom line suffer in order to keep their pride intact.

I suspect DT's new policy of lifting upload limits and accepting virtually any image (regardless of worthiness) is how they're dealing with the loss of revenue. Inflate the database quickly because it will mean more sales and their bottom line maintains the status quo. This will be at the expense of the individual contributor but it's not their fault if a contributor cannot compete or adjust for this change.

Hopefully G-Images will regain their senses. They can't afford it.
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Posted: 05/06/2014, 07:16:17 AM
I have been observing this too, actually I have been thinking of backup strategies just in case this stuff continues to stay like this. :/
The increased upload limits is also something to be worried about...let's see what happens. Otherwise I have plans.
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Posted: 05/06/2014, 07:30:28 AM

Originally posted by Robinstockphotos:
Quoted Message: Otherwise I have plans.

I can't resist... what plans?
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Posted: 05/06/2014, 10:07:12 AM
big drop off me me as well, hope it gets back to normal soon...
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Posted: 05/06/2014, 11:04:58 AM
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