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What do you edit, in Photoshop?

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I personally don't have photoshop, but im thinking about getting it. First i would like to know one thing.

Please tell me in a ''non photoshop language'' : when you are using photoshop, what do you do?

For example, when i use Gimp. I reduse noise, and put the contrast up a little bit, but thats about it. Is there more to do?

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Posted: 08/21/2014, 18:26:59 PM
Depending on the image, I believe most use PS for basic steps to bump contrast, enhance/reduce highlights and shadows, increase saturation and fix minor flaws (like remove a light pole from someones head). Unless you want to manipulate your images a lot (such as compositing), maybe consider getting Lightroom first. I use both but I can get most of what I need from Lightroom.
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Posted: 08/21/2014, 21:33:58 PM
i mainly use lightroom, i tend to only use photoshop for reducing noise if i deem it needed, but i dont really know how to use photoshop for much else
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Posted: 08/21/2014, 23:52:30 PM
I been using Canon Zoombrowser for most of my editing but I have also used a free version of pixbuilder on a few as well and as you said I just mostly work on saturation and contrast, brightness ...... have removed some pesky logos with the pixbuilder ........ I try very hard to compose the shot with logos and such hidden and have started switching camera modes around a lot and throwing flash into the mix often as well ... even though my acceptance rate is holding steady around 45% at least now when I submit a pict I have some idea that it is going to get rejected but figure if I can get it through without much edit then I have saved some time .... am nearing nearly 200 downloads and have 4th sale today in just under 2 months .... not setting world on fire BUT am starting to figure a few things out ......
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Posted: 08/25/2014, 14:02:59 PM
Hmm okay! So most of the photographers around here are using programs like photoshop to work on saturation / contrast / brightness and noise.

I personally use GIMP, and i can do these things there as well. I also can get rid of logo's with the Clone tool. Just like in Photoshop (?) .

So far so good hehe... But i know you can do a lot more cooler things with photoshop as well.. i see a lot of pictures on Dreamstime that are highly photoshopped. I can never make these kind of pics :( ... even if i had ps, i have no clue how they make the pictures that beautiful. Is it just with saturation and contrast? .
Fujiflim x-m1 XC 16-50 F/3.5
Posted: 08/25/2014, 14:53:07 PM
I use gimp too. I am still learning on it and hope to learn how to do the really cool things. Right now i mostly clone out logos or tree limbs lol.
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Posted: 08/25/2014, 15:49:08 PM
Composites. I live for composites.
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Posted: 08/25/2014, 22:42:42 PM
I use photoshop for all skin retouching or removal of dust, copyright material etc.
I alternate between lightroom and photoshop. But i tend to use lightroom more actually.

Photoshop only come in to play when i need to do some big editing stuff, like cutting out people from backgrounds and doing composites.
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Posted: 08/25/2014, 22:52:53 PM
And what about composites? What exactly do you mean with this?
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Posted: 08/26/2014, 05:14:21 AM

Originally posted by Vitabello:
Quoted Message: And what about composites? What exactly do you mean with this?

Composites are when you are making your own images out of other images.
Think of is like a digital scrapbook.
I reuse all photographs i have and make them in to something new or a completely different theme.

Here's my latest composite

   Corporate building   
   Male in suit pointing   
   Business man call me sign   
   We want you business team   
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Edited: 08/26/2014, 12:04:43 PM by Admin
I will use Photoshop for composites especially when I hate the background of the original image. This image originally had a background filled with ugly advertising banners hung on the fences behind the riders. I grabbed the background from a different image taken at the same location with the same lighting and added it as the new background. Much less distracting. Cheating? Maybe but it depends on your opinion.

   Two cowboys rope a calf at the Rodeo   

Edit: image filtered??? hmmm...
Pentax DSLRs, Adobe Photoshop
Edited: 08/26/2014, 14:33:57 PM
Aah now i see what you mean with composites. Thats very nice work :)
i believe it's possible to do this with GIMP but i think PS are probably much better with this. Thanks for explaning :)

So not just contrast and saturation.. Also sharpness, and composites or background change. Now i understand what people do with PS
Fujiflim x-m1 XC 16-50 F/3.5
Posted: 08/27/2014, 05:23:23 AM
Thanks for the tips and tricks like using a background from another picture! Most of the times I start with LR and use PS for the finishing touch when necessary.
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Posted: 09/27/2014, 16:50:05 PM
I use photoshop and GIMP depending on the photo and what I'm trying to do. Photoshop has more features, but GIMP works for most things too.
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Posted: 12/12/2014, 10:59:19 AM
I use PS Elements 13 to edit or remove unwanted objects in the image, and use the software as well to convert my working RAW files to JPEG....
Posted: 01/21/2015, 19:41:42 PM
I use PS to clean away unwanted objects in photo and sometimes brand names such as a make on a watch. Remove any noise. I boost the colours sometimes and brightness and make a bit sharper.
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Posted: 02/02/2015, 15:32:10 PM
I tend to use lightroom .. is faster for correct photos (such as saturation - contrast - brightness), I use Ps for remove the unwanted elements, for reducing noise, and add keywords
Posted: 04/13/2015, 16:08:55 PM
I mostly use Paint Shop Pro.

I balance color, saturation and contrast. Correct any CA, clone out unwanted details, smooth noise, crop, straighten, paint in washed out skies, or whatever the image needs.

Nikon D70, standard lens
Posted: 04/14/2015, 09:26:13 AM
I was looking to see who uses what programs for photography. Currently I use PS element 6 , I have been trying lightroom ( in trial) but looking to see what others use. Can anyone tell me about gimp, what it is and how it works.
Posted: 03/13/2016, 16:51:57 PM
I use PS as others have stated, but like it also for its zoom feature to look at images at 100%. Some of the other programs use a slider bar zoom that can get away from you. I like the option to zoom to whatever percentage I choose.
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Posted: 03/18/2016, 16:12:21 PM
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