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Make us smile!

New article posted: Make us smile!
Nikon D7100
Posted: 08/26/2014, 09:44:17 AM
laughter does ease the heart some... my bf says I might actually be making 3 cents an hour now!
Nikon D70 and nikon 5100
Posted: 08/26/2014, 11:28:12 AM
very pleasant post! Thanks for sharing :)
Posted: 08/26/2014, 14:26:46 PM
Thank you! I needed that. :)
Canon 70D. Canon 60D (previously).
Posted: 08/27/2014, 07:13:56 AM
Hahaha! Great! Humor will save the world, not Beauty as many of us think!))))
Nikon D700 + lenses & accessories
Posted: 08/27/2014, 08:55:28 AM
Thanks guys, but where are your pics? I know there's plenty out there just longing for a caption. :-)
Nikon D7100
Posted: 08/27/2014, 10:38:46 AM

More sales please....


Or i'll explode!



The heck with it....
"leaving, on a jet plane,
don't know when I'll be back again...."
Panasonic G3/GX8 and some nice Panny lenses.
Posted: 08/27/2014, 12:38:13 PM
   Senior man having fun playing.   

You take my free bus pass away at your own risk.
IS, Cannon 70-200, Canon 100-400 IS. Giotto tripod....
Posted: 08/27/2014, 12:59:03 PM
 Resting cat 

harvest guardian at his workplace
Posted: 08/27/2014, 15:20:31 PM
   Fun dog dental care   

Say cheese.....
180mm macro, Canon L 28-300, Canon L 24-70, 50mm prime f/1.4, 2 x Can...
Posted: 08/27/2014, 16:36:13 PM
   Tree Swallow (tachycineta bicolor)   
Looks like someone got up on the wrong side of the nest!
Canon 70D. Canon 60D (previously).
Edited: 08/27/2014, 19:21:29 PM
Thanks 4harmony, great image but you forgot the caption!
George where are your images? The captions intrigue me.

Brett I can see a fridge magnet coming on, really funny!
Clearvista, you've met my hubby then!
Dleonis, really cute!
Thanks folks keep them coming!
Nikon D7100
Posted: 08/28/2014, 01:32:49 AM
Sorry, but I don't know how to copy the image. But here comes my photo:

ID 26722466

Dreamstime editors don't like our pics!
Nikon D 810 Nikon D 810 Olympus Tough F.2 Nikon lenses and asseco...
Posted: 08/28/2014, 11:14:37 AM
Well, i tried again but must be a technical glitch.
the images just won't appear

More Sales Please...

Or I'll explode!

The heck with it.
"leaving, on a jet plane,
don't know when I'll be back again...."
Panasonic G3/GX8 and some nice Panny lenses.
Posted: 08/28/2014, 12:53:53 PM
Hi Hel080808
Above the comment box are 6 little boxes. The 3rd and 4th let you put in your image ID. Just put the number not 'ID'. Have another go so we can all see your image, Nice portfolio by the way.
Nikon D7100
Posted: 08/28/2014, 12:55:20 PM
Hi Heathse,

thank you for paying this nice compliment. But it's like you write in your blog: I can't get even one image accepted for the assignment, it's raining the whole day through and now it's not possible to show my image here. I did it just like you told me - but nothing.

But I have fun with your article and the other images. Perhaps you make a collection? Than you can give in the numbers and everybody is able to see it. But the captions will be the problem.

However that be - great idea and funny pis!
Nikon D 810 Nikon D 810 Olympus Tough F.2 Nikon lenses and asseco...
Posted: 08/29/2014, 06:44:03 AM
It was a good idea!
NikonD90/D750, Nikkor Lens16-85/70-300/105/24-70
Posted: 09/01/2014, 11:39:03 AM
   Sunbathing on the beach   

No sales this month... Perhaps if I take a shot of my perfectly sculpted legs someone might notice my portfolio...

   Handful of pebbles   

Nope, it's not working... Perhaps an arm then...

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

Still nothing... Oh what the heck, I do not have money to pay real models anyhow...
Edited: 09/07/2014, 02:48:59 AM

Good idea :) Keep smiling o:)
Canon EOS 600D - iPhone 5s
Posted: 09/08/2014, 05:40:53 AM