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About vector key wording

Hello there,
While we are key wording our vectors, do we have to check mark Print Usage(P-EL) as well as Web Usage (W-EL)? or just leave them blank?

Posted: 08/26/2014, 10:24:28 AM
Hello Pelikanz,
If you want more info about Extended Licenses see here

Also if you want enable Extended Licenses for all your file you can do it here

Hope this help
Posted: 08/26/2014, 11:43:52 AM
Hi Francy,
Thank you for reply. Links were so useful.

Posted: 08/26/2014, 12:30:13 PM
So I need a license of sorts to mark my images as Print or Web usage? Sorry, dumb newbie here! :-))
Posted: 11/26/2014, 05:02:46 AM
Afhim7, I don't think you should be selling stock.
Nikon D70, standard lens
Posted: 11/26/2014, 09:42:30 AM