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At last! My new web site completed.


This is a Zenfolio site but I have personalized it and I am using my own domain name.

I really like the "Client Access Page" feature of Zenfolio.

Any constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated.

lens, Tamron 150-600mm Lens, Canon 24-105 L IS lens, Canon 70-200 f2....
Edited: 09/17/2014, 02:56:39 AM
Hi Duncan,
Your site has a good start. My initial thoughts after taking a quick look --

The Home page sidebar text (left side) is not fully visible unless you can drag the browser window vertically larger. Reducing the line spacing for this text or reducing the amount of text will fix it.

While I understand the concern we have about people taking and using our images without compensation, the watermarks on your images really detract from the quality. Maybe size them down by a small amount and add a logo/copyright watermark to the lower right corner.

The image of you on the Info page (although titled "About" by the browser) is noticeably pixelated. Since you are a pro photographer you might want to use a better image.

Your Portfolio images are fantastic!

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Posted: 09/17/2014, 10:26:12 AM
Hi Curtis

Thank you very much for your input. It is truly appreciated.

I have adjusted the side bar text - hopefully it fits well now. On my screen 1920x1080 it was fitting OK.

I've increased the opacity of watermark - I agree with you, it was so pronounced that it was very distracting.

Now just to find a photograph of myself!! The one I am using is the only one I have at the moment.....

Thanks again for your help.


lens, Tamron 150-600mm Lens, Canon 24-105 L IS lens, Canon 70-200 f2....
Posted: 09/18/2014, 07:41:58 AM