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Message board rules

Forum rules - please read carefuly before posting

Please remember that posting on Dreamstime is a privilege awarded to you as a user. Our message boards are moderated by admin and editors. Moderators may delete posts that do not meet the current rules, are off-topic or have an unfair approach. Moderators do not censor messages but will take action against posts that cause problems to the community or the agency itself. Penalties can go as far as removing the posting rights permanently. We require all support questions be directed through the proper support channels - email, online form or phone support. Members may not advertise or promote companies that compete with Dreamstime.

How to write:

- Be civilized and polite
- Always write your messages in English
- Never put your email address in any post
- Don't use capital letters unless you need to emphasize a word or two
- Always use a relevant and short title when starting a thread
- Always close the HTML tags you have used in a text
- Always check your message twice, you may have missed something

When not to write:

- I received a refusal to one of my photo submissions and I have a problem with it (write to support)
- I didn't read all previous posts in the thread but want to say something - make sure you read ALL statements made previously before posting!
- I find images that I think are used inappropriately (write to support)
- I just want to have people looking at my images (that is advertising and it's not fair towards the rest of the photographers)
- I have nothing to say, I just want to have another post on the forums and let people know I'm there
- I want to discuss the company policy in a tendencious or aggressive mode. Such posts will be instantly deleted without notification. We accept suggestions posted in a civilized manner that are made to improve, not to destroy what is built so far.
- I want to post a link to a site that advertises Dreamstime competitors.
- I want to post a link to a site that has links to advertisers of Dreamstime competitors
- Ignoring warnings from moderators and/or site admins, repeating the same message without adding anything new can lead to your posting rights being removed.

Where to write:

- Always place the new threads in the appropriate forum depending on the nature of the information or request
- All CONGRATS, PERSONAL MILESTONES and other such posts go HERE.

When to reply to a thread:

- I have an opinion that I wish to express on the subject debated. My answer will be relevant and of help to those who will enter the thread afterwards and read it. Messages -like “congratulations” and “well done” are to be used moderate on threads that announce a winner or an achievement.
- My answer will contain information that was left out or unknown to the person who started the thread. If the thread contains questions already answered on other occasions I give a link to that thread.
- The thread contains links that were not posted as links, I post the links again turning them into url
- On any other occasion I find appropriate as long as my answer is relevant and brings something new
- When I have images required on the Photos Requests forums that fall into the description offered by the designer or have performed a search, found other people images and give the link. I will post a photo only if it closely matches the request.

When to start a new thread:

- I have new information on photography and stock photography related subjects or any other subject that I feel might interest the fellow photographers and designers
- I wish one of my images to be seen by other photographers and receive their opinion on it. This type of thread should contain specific questions and not just “what do you think about my image”; You must post it in the Positive Criticism forum.
- I am a designer looking for a specific set of images
- I find images from Dreamstime in web pages I have surfed (mine or other members)
- I am stuck on processing an image and I don't know what to do next
- I need help with my image software
- I need help with my composition and I would like other photographers to advise me about it
- I need technical help regarding the quality of my images
- I have doubts regarding copyright issues
- I wish to buy new equipment and don't know on which to decide (ask for a second opinion)
- I'm a designer who wishes opinions on a web page I am building (don't use this for self-advertising)
300v (film), assorted lenses...
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