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Pls help me

Why my pictures are not seen. I see many users that upload pictures like 100pictures and they sales between 20-50. indeed they have a very nice portfolio. So please have a look to my portfolio and give me some advice to help me grow in sales. Add new pictures every day and try to use as many keywords. Thank you to those who can give me good advice.
Posted: 01/29/2017, 22:12:38 PM

My advices would be:
- try to have photos brighter and more colorful, increasing exposition and saturation.
- For the isolated object, instead of having a gradient effet, do a 100% white background.
- For your photos with model, try to have him/her make somethink not just posing so that you photos can tell somethink (love, kiss, an action...)
- Become exclusive, it increases the sells
- Be patient, it takes time

Good luck
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Posted: 01/30/2017, 01:59:04 AM
Thx . I am exclusiv for 2 weeks now . So u say it's better with white background ? I will do that for my next one . Thx very much , it really help .
Posted: 01/30/2017, 02:40:54 AM
yes like:

   Silhouette of a boy with his scooter   

   French wine corks   

It is because some buyers are then modifying our pictures so it is easier for them with white background.
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Posted: 01/30/2017, 04:07:04 AM
You also have many irrelevant keywords like in, with, the as well as many spelling mistakes. IF you have spelling mistakes in some of the important keywords like "ancient" you are depending on a buyer making the same spelling mistakes to find your photos.
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Posted: 01/30/2017, 05:39:32 AM
i try to upload as u said but not helping much here are some exemples:
   Strong iron chain   

   Old City Pole   

i still get 1 or 2 views
Posted: 02/11/2017, 05:46:43 AM
Views are not sales. Don't worry too much about the view count.
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Posted: 02/11/2017, 07:35:58 AM
We all have views like that.
Images used to get a ton of views a year or two ago but that was all just databases talking to each other.
Once that got fixed we started seeing actual views but like Therealdarla said....views are not sales and are not indicative of possible sales.

Even now, all my uploads from the last few months have been getting exactly 1 view as soon as they are "online", which cant be real views as they arent even searchable yet.
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Edited: 02/12/2017, 07:49:05 AM
I just want to mention one important factor that affects sales...

Keep in mind the purpose... Most people who download images will be using it for commercial purposes. So this mean when deciding on and shooting photos, keep in mind if it is usable for commercial purposes.

Yes, there are some great looking pics that get many downloads because of its artistic value, but the majority of downloads come from people who use the images on their website, flyers, social medias, and etc.

I hope that helps!
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Edited: 03/17/2017, 07:09:25 AM
One thing I've been trying to think of when shooting images is how text might be arranged on the image. A subject to the left or right might be better for a buyer when adding website selections than one with the image in the center. Other times, a centered image might be right for an advertising flyer.
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Posted: 03/23/2017, 14:14:37 PM