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About me

New article posted: About me
Posted: 03/19/2017, 11:15:35 AM
Hi Aleksandr - welcome here on DT - nice to see something different and new (at least to me) - I like the horse animations. I can't rate your work because I'm not a potential buyer, but from my view as a contributer I like your work.
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Posted: 03/20/2017, 11:16:20 AM
Welcome to DT's family, Alexandr! Wow, you have such an unique artworks on your portfolio. Keep up on uploading, it surely will lead you into sale(s) ! Best wishes.. 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼
Posted: 03/20/2017, 16:24:33 PM
Very interresting theme!
Welcome to DT Alexandr and Good Luck!
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Posted: 03/23/2017, 04:24:44 AM
Great image. Congratulations.
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Posted: 03/28/2017, 21:20:08 PM