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Daily sales with the same image?

So many times I hear that to be successful in microstock, you need to have a very large portfolio featuring high quality images with good commercial concepts. According to one individual, there's also something else that's supposedly needed to ensure success in this game. And that is at least one image that sells on a daily basis. To be honest, I'm finding this a bit hard to believe. Although then again, maybe this guy is right. I'm curious if many contributors here have a particular image that sells every single day without fail? To me, that seems like quite an impressive feat.
Posted: 03/21/2017, 00:19:18 AM
Well, I guess if someone has one image that sells once a day they'd have others selling quite often as well, but I'm with you...sounds far fetched.
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Posted: 03/21/2017, 03:51:09 AM
One image that sales every single day is perhaps a challenging target.

Personnaly I have one big saler that drives my revenus:

   The Louvre of Paris in France by night   
50mm f1.8 Canon 70-200 f4 L...
Posted: 03/21/2017, 04:46:39 AM
Very nice image, Astormfr. I'm not surprised that it's a big seller.
Posted: 03/21/2017, 09:44:42 AM