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Is it worth upgrading fron Canon 5D MKIII to the Canon 5D mkIV?


I still has not decided after a lot of advice, after reading a lot of posts on various forums and watching a few videos on youtube im not so sure. I wont use any new features like wifi and gps and i dont care about the touch screen at all and i wont film or even use the auto focus. The upgrade for me is more about noise but its very rare that i go over iso 200 on my mkiii. Will i see any diffrence in noise levels on low isos like 100-200? The second thing is the dynamic range and details in the photos. It would be nice to get rid of the chromatic aberration completely in landscapes. But will the diffrence be that big? Thas the two thing i cant find in the tests. Sure, the extra pixles would be great but i dont really print for myself. I only use the camera for stock photos.

So, any thoughs? Anyone who has upgraded?

Any inputs are most than welcome!

Thanks a lot!
Posted: 05/16/2017, 08:52:17 AM
Will i see any diffrence in noise levels on low isos like 100-200? For sure No.

I only use the camera for stock photos. => Keep the Mark III

Use your money for new lenses, accessories, travels to find new subject...

New lenses will improve your photos for use. They are more important than the camera itself
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Posted: 05/17/2017, 04:31:21 AM

Chromatic aberration is a lens issue, not a camera issue. Canon 5d Mark III already has a chromatic aberration correction available, maybe the mark IV pushes the correction a little more, however I don't think it does something that you cannot do in a post processing software.

Usually, photographers skip a generation when upgrading, because that's when the difference between models becomes visible. So, from 5d Mark II to IV - definitely worth an upgrade. From III to IV... not so much (at least not for the usage you have described).

Anyway, remember it's a lens issue, so if you want to see a difference, buy better lenses before upgrading the body.
Posted: 05/18/2017, 05:53:07 AM
I'd wait for the 6d2. Better sensor, slightly bigger file size. Cost less than the 5d4 too. I've got the 5d3 and it's more than enough for stock, the only reason I'd upgrade is a better sensor.
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Posted: 06/16/2017, 09:09:28 AM