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Cropping Images

I know that cropping an image is not always a wise idea, especially for editorial images, as many potential buyers will want to crop it themselves.
For this photograph I submitted two images, one was cropped and the other wasn't. Looking at them now I think the uncropped version is actually better as it really shows the viewer the extent of the crowd size. I'm wondering if anyone else has submitted both cropped and uncropped versions of the same photograph to give customers more options.
Thank you for any feedback.    Yoga CLass Outside      An Outdoor Yoga Class in New York City   
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Not sure how offering up an image with less data is offering more options but there exists a small number of buyers who don't know how to crop, resize, and/or scale images, so they may be enticed by one that more closely fits their needs - Portrait over Landscape for example.
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Posted: 06/19/2017, 06:28:23 AM
Hmm. Interesting idea. The marketplace consists of people who want to do something fast / plug-and-play (the non-designers), and people who want to use the stock photo as a jumping off point or need to capture something exact for whatever it is they're building. For one audience, having more data is great, for the other not so much.

The two crops really are different images -- the first is about the crowd size, the second is about the people in that row, especially the woman in the red, since she is roughly in the center of the picture and the red provides a lot of contrast.
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Posted: 06/21/2017, 08:09:03 AM
Thank you both for the valid points. My feeling was that as different people are looking for different types of images, offering different versions of the same photograph might be a good approach.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
It varies upon the situation. So it will be good to show us a photo so we can better give input comments as accordingly. In this case (as shown the images), if you are submitting for stock, the first image is better, so don't crop. If you are doing an event for a client or company, both images are acceptable for use since the first image need no cropping it looked balanced in composition. However, if there are empty spaces on the left or right of the first image, maybe it will be better to crop away the empty spaces? Again if a person (say the person at the forefront) wants to hire you to take photo of her doing yoga, it may be good to crop to the second photo so that more focus can be placed on the right subject.
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Posted: 07/23/2017, 01:51:49 AM