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Portfolio review request

Please review my portfolio. Thanks for your time.
Posted: 08/11/2017, 11:52:25 AM
Some of your landscape photos are perfect. Flowers also detailed and great photos. I think you're better on macro photos. It's like a dream :)

Good luck!

Posted: 08/12/2017, 03:55:16 AM
Thank you for those kind words.
Posted: 08/12/2017, 09:36:30 AM
Hello !
I think you have very interesting images, a lot of very exotic and different subjects. And flying birds are beautiful ! And landscapes are amazing.
But sometimes, for exemple -when i see your shots of food -i think you could work more on lighting and post-production. They seems a little bit yellow, you can change it in Photoshop, to make your image brighter, more sharp and more attractive for byers.

But anyway you have a very good portfolio.
Canon, Photoshop & inspiration
Posted: 01/01/2018, 07:18:03 AM
Thank you so much. I don't know how I haven't seen your feedback until now. Thanks again for the encouragement and suggestions.

Posted: 1 minute ago