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My First Sale!

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Hello everybody!

I received my first sale yesterday. Finally! Thanks for the buyer of the photo for purchasing my photo.

My photo has been purchased at max quality with subscription ($0.38). It's quite low royalty that I received as a exclusive user but anyway, I achieved my first sale with no expectations.

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

Thanks unknown buyer!

Best regards,
-Muhlis Gursoy-
Posted: 09/20/2017, 05:53:17 AM
That wasnt very long actually, given the microstock climate right now.
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Posted: 09/20/2017, 07:05:17 AM
Thanks Rik57! But if this sales will continue like this (subscriptions and lower royalties), it would take a long time for receive the first payment. How'd your first payment, is it takes a long time before you receive the first payment?
Posted: 09/20/2017, 10:19:08 AM
Wow, after three months, I just had my first sale. It was only for $5.70, BUT, these can happen while I am at my regular job, or home sleeping.
It is also happening while I am still learning digital photography and about micro stock.
I am happy and am looking for more.
Posted: 03/08/2018, 16:44:31 PM
Congrats, Mgphotostock. I am sure it will be the first of many. I bet you can't wait to post more images.

Good Luck
Posted: 03/08/2018, 19:24:00 PM

Originally posted by Peachpappa:
Quoted Message: Wow, after three months, I just had my first sale. It was only for $5.70,

Congratulations on the first sale and for getting $5.70. You say only $5.70 but a subscription sale would make 42 cents, so to make that is pretty good in the scheme of things.
Posted: 03/09/2018, 09:56:51 AM
The amount of money it self is nothing to brag about, but I just broke the ice while I am still learning, and I do admit, I do have a lot to learn. That is all I am saying, and NOT complaining.
Posted: 03/09/2018, 17:09:40 PM
5.70 is good considering the average around here counting credits and subs, hovers near 2.00.
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Posted: 03/10/2018, 06:28:59 AM
So if 2.00 is average, my 5.70 is worth celebrating.
Posted: 03/10/2018, 19:44:58 PM
mgphotostock, there are ways to earn your way to that $100 payout without just getting $0.42 sales. Being exclusive will help you, since this increases the revenues you receive per sale, and increases your exposure. One thing I have done is wait for my sales to get above 10% of my portfolio, so I can maximize the upload bonus.
Another which helped me was I was able to sell an image for an assignment for $25. It is debatable whether selling the rights to your work for $25 is a good idea, but I did it, and don't regret it.
A surprise for me came when I was able to shoot a protest last year, and three of my images made the Editorial "In the News" section. I earned $5 each for these, and they brought a lot of other views to my portfolio, helping to build sales. I am not sure many people in the DT community are aware of this bonus.
Last, every now and again you will get credit sales which boost your revenue. I have had 4 so far - two for $2.20, one for $5.64, and one for $6.27. It feels good when these come in.
Keep at it! The sales will come with patience.
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Posted: 03/12/2018, 15:08:51 PM
I just had my second sale, very small, (.42, like what mgphotstock had,) but still I am happy. People are actually looking at my work and taking it seriously. But, Whirlitzer, what is a credit sale? Thanks all
Posted: 03/12/2018, 20:39:56 PM
Congratulations ! I still waiting for first sale lol haha
Posted: 03/12/2018, 21:07:16 PM
I have been exclusive since I joined. I just don't have time to chase down a bunch of different stock sites to see what I made. If you are going to build a portfolio it really pays off. I went over 28K uploads today. That translates in $5,600.00, just on uploads. The more uploads you have the higher your portfolio exposure is and that helps get more traffic to your work. If anyone has questions feel free to message me.

Good luck everyone!!
Posted: 03/12/2018, 21:34:11 PM
I became exclusive a couple weeks back. Since I have been here less then five months, that is just about from the start. If they take good care of me, i will take good care of them, too.
Like I said, I just had my second sale, and that is more then I have done all together, any where, any time, before, so I am happy.
Posted: 03/13/2018, 13:51:04 PM
Big Congrats on your first sale and many more to you! I just recently got my first sale too! Good luck to you!!!
Posted: 03/15/2018, 17:55:15 PM
Whitlitzer mentioned about a bonuses for so many sales? But don’t you still need to get the sales first?
Posted: 03/15/2018, 19:43:09 PM
Katgphoyo, we can celebrate together.
Posted: 03/15/2018, 19:44:09 PM
Congrats Katgphoto on your first sale. I have hit the news bonus of $5.00 several times. When you upload for editorial and it is newsworthy, click on the "Comments for the editor" tab. A box opens up to give the ID # for the newsworthy images and an explanation that these need to get up ASAP. Sometimes they get up quickly sometimes they don't.
Posted: 03/15/2018, 22:33:56 PM
Wickedgood, when you say ‘newsworthy’ does that imply a brand new event of some kind?
Posted: 03/16/2018, 00:37:31 AM
Congratulations, I just had my first sale the other day. It's definitely encouraging. Keep going.
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Posted: 04/06/2018, 23:31:49 PM
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