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DT Now Accepting SVG Files

Hello everyone,

I just learned that SVG files now are accepting SVG files (after sent my inquiry to Contact Us-DT and saw that on similar questions that shown after sent the inquiry, honestly I surprised). Let's our contributor (illustrators) community hear about this.

Have a nice day everyone!
Posted: 09/24/2017, 16:03:55 PM
Really? That's fantastic news, especially if you work mainly in Inkscape - save me lots of time faffing about getting a .ai 8 or 10 compatible eps file out of Inkscape.

I am currently using a trial version of Adobe Illustrator for just that purpose and rushing to process numerous SVG files. Transferring SVG to Illustrator means you lose all your layers so I spend a lot of time cutting and pasting objects into separate layers in Illustrator to make life easier for the buyer.

If there's an easier way to do this, please let me know as the other site I contribute to still only accepts EPS as the additional format. What was really bugging me was getting the "image too large or too small on the artboard" rejection on that site (DT doesn't appear to review the EPS, just accepts it, not optimal for the buyer). Despite all the advice about document sizing in Inkscape to avoid this, I could not get a consistent acceptance of Inkscake EPS files.

One thing I did discover after having Inkscape and Illustrator side by side was that, when you open an Inkscape-generated EPS file in Adobe Illustrator, it opens with the artboard size from the previous file opened - i.e. if the reviewer has just reviewed an EPS file the size of a postcard and your Inkscape EPS was created in A4 size, in the reviewers eyes, your file is going to totally spill over the artboard. And vice versa.

So it is completely pot luck if your Inkscape EPS reviews correctly for the reviewer (or the buyer) - it completely depends on the previous document they opened being roughly the same size as yours.

Canon EOS 6D, Illustrator, pencil, tablet
Posted: 02/02/2018, 19:27:14 PM