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New assignment: Wallpapers

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If there is one device we would never part from these days, then that is the mobile phone. And because nearly everyone has one, we want to make each mobile special by accessorizing it with amazing wallpapers. So this assignment is about giving your mobiles that great, unique look that makes them truly yours: wallpapers.

Think mobile screen
Before anything else, start your planning, drawing, shooting from the other end, more precisely from the user's end. If in the past you had little idea where your images would end up, you now know exactly where they will be used. So think mobile and follow three easy steps. First of all, your image has to look nice as mobile background. Most devices allow you to have two different backgrounds when your phone is locked vs. when unlocked. If you decide to upload two files for both instances, we recommend you upload them simultaneously for more efficient review. You're also free to think of and upload a single design that accommodates both locked and unlocked. This brings us to our second tip: you have to think your composition carefully. From our experience, wallpapers that are simple, minimalist, tasteful, creative, even shocking, are the best. No useless borders, make sure you center the subject properly, upload that unique image that everyone will want to set as wallpaper. Third, your image orientation should be preferably vertical. Test your submission on your mobile phone to see how it looks before sending it over. Some shots may look great on your camera or desktop and may fade to grey on mobile screens. For instance, closeups will look weird on mobiles while people love them in other circumstances.

All in
This is an assignment about nothing particular and about everything actually. You are free to upload anything you see suitable to be used as mobile phone screen background: holiday-related stuff, cosmic journeys, animals, colors mingling, landscapes, lips, flowers, balloons, water splashes, autumn leaves, misty forests, candies, tropical beaches, grinning pets, sleeping babies, fantasy, the choice is entirely yours. As long as the image fits mobile screens perfectly, anything goes. It is important that you check the most popular screen sizes and resolutions but keep in mind that our submissions need to be 3 MP minimum. Also, keep in mind that the photo or the design uploaded has to be special, unique, very well executed, crisp and clear. As source of inspiration, just think of what you'd love to see on your mobile device screen and you're almost there. Illustrators now have the opportunity to show their best as this assignment gives them plenty of creative space. Most wallpapers currently used are illustrations. We're sure we'll see some amazing wallpapers. Since the files are intended for commercial usage, this assignment is commercial only, no editorials this time.

The best wallpapers will be rewarded with $300 (first place), $200 (second place) and $100 (the third place) along with a branded t-shirt.

Upload Royalty Free files as follows and mark them as "assignment files":

1. upload the image via FTP or via upload page.
The image is now in your unfinished files, please do not edit the image from the unfinished files folder at all, instead go to the next step.
2. go to assignment page, choose escalate to level 5 or sell the rights option and hit submit.
3. choose the file you will be submitting to the assignment from the row of already uploaded images under the assignment text.
4. continue upload as usual.

Good luck!

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Hello, I am a little bit stuck with the resolution for this wallpapers. I mean If I upload a photo (JPG) that I already have on site and is big but on my phone I see it fits good with out crop can I submit that one? or I have to converted to some phone resolution. I for example have Galaxy S8+ that has WQHD and the Iphone for example is Full HD. In phones for example if I want to change wallpaper even if the photo is larger I can move it around as I want to fit in my screen so no need to make it exact resolution of the phone.

I ask this because I don't want to have photo rejected for resolution and I guess all of us that will participate will appreciate your answer.

Thank you, and please delete my other thread that I opened with this question.
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Posted: 11/02/2017, 11:13:07 AM
Hi, you don't need to use the exact pixel resolution of any certain phone, just use an aspect ratio for phone screens (16:9 or 4:3 should do just fine) in vertical orientation. It's OK if on a phone the image needs a bit of nudging to fit as a background (ideally it should work fine with just the automatic fitting done by the phone) but do take that into account and don't put important details on the edges, and avoid square images or panoramas. As a rule of thumbs, just test the image on your own phone and if it looks good, it's good.
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Posted: 11/02/2017, 11:39:41 AM
Thank you for your fast reply.
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Posted: 11/02/2017, 11:46:11 AM
Pretty kewl Assignment IMHO.
Posted: 11/02/2017, 13:31:08 PM
I like this one a lot, hope to see some stunning wallpapers, off to do some of my own :)
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Posted: 11/02/2017, 14:52:31 PM
Hi! I have a question about if it's possible upload an image from the files that are already on-line, or I have to upload new files? thanks!
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Posted: 11/02/2017, 18:23:50 PM
This is going to be SOOooooo fun that you should change the upload limit from 10 to 25 for this assignment.

I'm serious!
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Posted: 11/02/2017, 18:33:10 PM
Not a big fan of the "smart-phone" culture :-) I'd wish its for 4K-8K screens... Would be more my type of challenge :-D
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Posted: 11/02/2017, 18:48:06 PM
I like the assignment, but I actually hate mobile phones. I have seen the damage that they do to people even in my own family, physical, mental and financial. I think as time passes that the World will realise that mobile phones are the new smoking.
Posted: 11/03/2017, 02:23:45 AM

Originally posted by Wisconsinart:
Quoted Message: This is going to be SOOooooo fun that you should change the upload limit from 10 to 25 for this assignment.

I'm serious!

25 would be nice.
Also, why not change the rules a bit by having voting reflect the market? Promote the photos of this contest to users who'd download their favorite wallpapers. The photo with the highest number of downloads wins.
Or you can make have the voting system incorporate both the current one and the above!
Posted: 11/04/2017, 09:53:29 AM
If someone download an image from contest doesn't mean that the photo was the best of all, because the person buys it for a specific need, the image idea was useful in his work.
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Posted: 11/04/2017, 10:08:05 AM

Originally posted by Allexxe:
Quoted Message: If someone download an image from contest doesn't mean that the photo was the best of all, because the person buys it for a specific need, the image idea was useful in his work.

Useful in his "work" as a wallpaper for his mobile, which is what the assignment is about...
Posted: 11/05/2017, 05:05:41 AM
It is not the only use of them, maybe someone wants to put it as backdrop for a model or in a kids book, etc. Also maybe a photo has an idea that it is not so commercial and during the contest voting period the subject it is not searched and you have a photo that has the most votes as the best in contest and it was sold 1 time or none. I just said my point of view, did not meant to be against you if you had that feeling.
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Posted: 11/05/2017, 05:21:31 AM
Thank you for the interesting contest!
Posted: 11/28/2017, 12:51:34 PM
Hi, can you please tell how long voting stage usually takes? thanks!
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Posted: 12/03/2017, 07:45:32 AM
We've loved the amazing wallpapers you sent and it has probably been difficult for people to decide which are the best because they all look gorgeous. The voting stage has ended so let's see the mobile screen sweethearts:

First place goes to Brett Critchley for a colorful autumn background, great for people in love with autumn mood and all:
   Fall forest cell wallpaper background   

Second place goes to Euphotica for a camping night under the stars. Yes, we all dream of interstellar journeys :) and this sky is the perfect excuse to do so again:
   Camping under the stars with green illuminated tents, visible Milky Way galaxy, clear sky, long exposure   

Third place goes to Ulianna19970 for an awww meoww Xmas kitten. I've always said kittens rule the world and we just don't know it:
   Red-haired kitten look up sit in the cupboard box   

Congrats to the winners and to all assignment participants, you've done a great job. On behalf of all mobiles in the world, thank you for the splendid wallpapers submitted, mobile 'faces' will never be the same.

See you all at the next assignment.

Edited: 12/06/2017, 07:26:37 AM by Admin
Congrats :)
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Posted: 12/06/2017, 07:28:23 AM
Congratulations! :)
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Posted: 12/06/2017, 07:36:43 AM
Congratulations! It will be awesome if on the next contest participant won't be allowed to vote because it is obvious that good pictures have points lower then others that are not even a match for them. It makes me wonder how many 1 star could receive a photo like that (around 2/5 points or 3/5 points) to have so little points and how come someone give 1 star on those pictures (also some of them were sold during the contest), other then it is a participant it has no fair play sees that other pictures have potential and he assures himself to lower that. If it is necessarily i can give examples that you can not doubt.
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Posted: 12/06/2017, 08:10:00 AM
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