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I just uploaded some pics of some money but wasnt sure on the legalities of it all, so I wont be suprised if it gets rejected. Has anyone got experience with this kind of thing?
Posted: 03/25/2004, 07:11:58 AM
They passed, is Ok to upload money shots, I haven't be able to identify any copyright infringements on this. They might be subject to discussion for specific geographical areas, though. If shooting money is prohibited in Australia for example, this is a rule that the photographer must comply to.

Users have full responsibility for the proper use of the images from this site. If one of them decides to print them and get illegal, that is soley his fault, not photographer's or Dreamstime's fault.

However, I suggest being more creative when shooting money, get closer and closer, there is a great potential there.
Posted: 03/25/2004, 07:11:58 AM